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Using MP3 Players to Improve Reading Comprehension : 

Using MP3 Players to Improve Reading Comprehension LIBS 6042-601 Media Project Christie Canter July, 2009

Standards Addressed : 

Standards Addressed NC Technology Standards Addressed 11.0 Subject Specific Knowledge – Essential Knowledge and Skills Demonstrate these skills 11.1 Use technology in the discipline/subject for learning and as a medium for communications. 11.2 Use media and technology to present the subject so that it is comprehensible to others 11.3 Use technology-based tools that are specific to the discipline 11.4 Use technology to facilitate teaching strategies specific to the discipline

Description : 

Description This project researches the effectiveness of using MP3 players in the media center and/or classroom for students who need to hear materials read while reading the print media. This modification is used for students with reading disabilities, however this project also explores the effectiveness of the media on students who do not have disabilities.

Slide 4: 

For students who need materials read to them, the norm is to have a staff member read the material to each student who requires it. However, using MP3 players reduces the amount of time and staff needed to administer testing. One staff member only has to read the material once using the digital voice recorder. The reading would then be downloaded onto the computer using Digital Voice Manager software and then transferred to the MP3 players using Windows Media Player. For this project students were tested twice, once by taking a reading comprehension test without the use of an MP3 player and once with the assistance of the recorded reading on the MP3 player. The two different tests were then graded to show improvement in scores. The tests used were those available on the NC Department of Instruction website as practice tests for EOG (End of Grade) testing. Four different students were tested and I performed the recorded readings. Description Continued

Hardware and Software: : 

Hardware and Software: Digital Voice Manager Software Windows Media Player RCA Digital Voice Recorder MP3 Players: Ipod Shuffle Ipod Nano Ipod Touch Samsung Sandisk E3

Description of Students : 

Description of Students Student A – Rising 5th grader with no disabilities, average student in reading scores. Student B- Rising 5th grader with ADHD, below average student in reading scores. Student C – Rising 7th grader who is reading disabled and has modifications at school including having tests read aloud, well below average reading skills. Student D – Rising 10th grader, NC Honor Student, above average reading skills.

Tests UsedTest 1 – No AssistanceTest 2 – MP3 Player Readings Used : 

Tests UsedTest 1 – No AssistanceTest 2 – MP3 Player Readings Used Students A and B completed EOG practice tests on the 4th grade level. Test 1 – Antartica and Test 2 – The Pizza Slide. Student C completed EOG practice tests on the 6th grade level. Test 1 – Our American Trees and Test 2 – Pluto. Student D completed EOG practice tests on the 8th grade level (the highest level that mandates EOG’s rather than EOC (End of Course) testing. Test 1 – Mustard: A Condiment and a Medicine and Test 2 – A Different View.

Test - 1 : 

Test - 1 Antarctica A Frozen World Our American Trees And Mustard

Taking Test - 1 : 

Taking Test - 1

Test 1 Results : 

Test 1 Results Student A answered incorrectly on 1 out of 7 questions. Student B answered incorrectly on 3 out of 7 questions. Student C answered incorrectly on 4 out of 7 questions and took the longest to complete test. Student D made a perfect score of 100.

Test - 2 : 

Test - 2 The Pizza Slide A Different View Pluto

Taking Test – 2 With MP3 Players : 

Taking Test – 2 With MP3 Players

Test 2 Results : 

Test 2 Results Student A again answered one question incorrectly, but it was a different question. Student B answered 2 out 7 questions incorrectly, an improvement in score of 14%. Student C answered 2 out of 7 questions incorrectly with an improvement in score of 28%, and student took no extra time. Student D again made 100% on the test.

Sample sound recording of The Pizza Slide : 

Sample sound recording of The Pizza Slide Sample sound recording of questions on The Pizza Slide test. Please click below.

Costs : 

Costs While Ipods range in price from $50 to hundreds, the shuffle is an economical solution. Samsung makes many MP3 players for less than $30 including the E3. Windows Media Player is standard on any PC. The RCA digital voice recorder comes with the Digital Voice Manager software and costs about $30.00 Itunes can be used with the Ipods for free as well as Rhapsody software for downloading files onto MP3 players. has pricing for schools to use its media called Audible Kids for downloading print materials in audio form. A special license can be purchased depending on school size. The Kindle reader can also be an asset, however it is much more expensive at $200 - $500 per machine.

Conclusions : 

Conclusions The use of MP3 players to improve reading comprehension is a valuable asset in the media center and the classroom. It is virtually the same assistance as being read to by faculty, yet saves time and staff. Another added benefit is the ability to pause the recording between questions to think about the answers rather than raising a hand for more time while others are ready to move on.

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