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OMPUTER-BCASED-INSTRUCTION -Drill and practice -Tutorial


COMPUTER-BASED-INSTRUCTION Any kind of computer use in educational settings, including drill-and-practice, tutorials, simulations, instructional management, supplementary exercises, programming, database development, writing using word processor and other applications.

Drill and Practice : 

Drill and Practice It provides the students with individualized practice. The program presents a question to the learner, the learner responds and the software then gives feedback as the answer is correct or incorrect. It helps the learner master basic skills or knowledge through repetitive work.

Purpose of Drill-and-Practice : 

Purpose of Drill-and-Practice Assist students in reviewing, rehearsing, reinforcing and practicing concepts to which they have already been introduces. Provide immediate and relevant feedback to students. Can focus on concepts, problems,etc. that a student needs to work on. Can identify mastery.

Advantages of using drill and practice : 

Advantages of using drill and practice Interactivity –increase the effectiveness of drill Immediate feedback-immediate inform the learner if an answer is right or wrong Data storage Infinite patients-adjust the level of difficulty Motivation-through competition: i)against other student ii)against oneself iii)against the clockl

Example drill and practice : 

Example drill and practice http://science.widener.edu/svb/tutorial/convtempcsn7.html

Tutorial : 


CBI Promote-Active Learning : 

CBI Promote-Active Learning

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