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Database Consulting Firm

Equinox Database Consulting Company works to create a software solution for the storage, processing, and retrieval of information from a database. Equinox integrates information from multiple sources into a single, cohesive database so that your business can enjoy easy and accurate report generation, data analysis, asset management, and more.   Your business needs a database that will contain the three Es which are: Expand your business potential with a database system that is designed to grow with your maturing organization. Empower your employees with the ability to instantaneously retrieve and update vital data. Eliminate human error with accurate processing and organization solutions.   . Equinox Database Consulting Company Mission Statement

We will work to design a video store database that is designed to Enable International video store to manage their businesses with ease while enhancing productivity. Offer excellent reports Offer such features as: Reliable customer accounts tracking system Reservation system which would also enable you to rent, and track products as well as sell retired media. Actor searches Customer accounts management system Easy to use interface Equinox works for you

Customers Every customer for International video store has a membership number to be in a “video club”. Only video club members are allowed to rent videos. Records movie’s popular actors and actresses for easy customer to address requests. Not only the actor’s “hollywood name” but their birth name as well as DOB. Tracks customer rental patterns for history and to make suggestions to customers. International Video Store Business Needs

Product All DVDs and/or VHS tapes will have their own unique Media Sequence Number (MSN) for proper inventory and tracking of rentals. This MSN will be a 6 digit identifier that includes one alpha character identifying the appropriate genre followed by numeric values. All DVDs and/or VHS tape media contain only on ONE movie on each media. Other important properties of the product kept in the database include: UPC Bar Code Movie Title Rating The purchase cost of the movie International Video Store Business Needs

Rental Transactions Every rental will track the following: The date of the rental The return date - not the due date Rental cost To whom the movie was rented Will also enable employees to be able to easily identify customers who are returning movies late. International Video Store Business Needs

Recommendations/Suggestions Every rental will track the following: Blue Ray Game rentals Maintain information on lost and/or retired media. Other customer info to consider: Photos Special offers Birthday offers Overdue reminders by email International Video Store Business Needs

ERD Model Entities CLUB MEMBER A customer’s personal info as a member within the video store club PRODUCT MEDIA A single DVD or VHS Tape media product’s info for rental within the video store MOVIE A movie’s info that was produced for public viewing. Different movie productions in different years would have a different instance and ID STAR ACTOR An actor’s or actress’ personal screen information STARRING ROLE A movie role’s information RENTAL TRAN The transaction information of the event of a customer renting a single DVD or VHS Tape media by a date in time. Each DVD or VHS Tape media rental would be kept track of independent of any other DVD or VHS Tape media rented

Attribute Name Description cust id ID for the customer within the club Lastname Last name of a person Firstname First name of a person Phone Phone # of a person Address address of a person City City location state/province state/province location email address email address of a personmovie UPC ID for a movie made Title short descriptive labelDescription medium to long free-form text Category a venue for a movie or role within a movie rating assessment of quality of a movie or starring rolerental date date of a rental transaction of a single media product (DVD or VHS tape) return date return date of a single media product (DVD or VHS tape)rental cost cost for a club member to rent a single media product (DVD or VHS tape) media seq no (MSN) ID of a media product (DVD or VHS tape) format type type of a media product (specifying DVD or VHS tape) videostore cost cost to a video store for each media product (DVD or VHS tape) actor id ID of an actor or actress screen alias stage name of an actor or actress birth date date of birth of a personrolename Full name of a person’s role in a movie ERD Model Attributes

ERD Model Relationships CLUB MEMBER may be a renter on one or more RENTAL TRANs RENTAL TRAN must be rented to one and only one CLUB MEMBER RENTAL TRAN must be of at most one PRODUCT MEDIA PRODUCT MEDIA may be rented on many RENTAL TRANs PRODUCT MEDIA must have a copy of at most one MOVIE MOVIE must be packaged on one or more PRODUCT MEDIA MOVIE may have many STARRING ROLEs STARRING ROLE must be in at most one MOVIE STARRING ROLE must be played by at most one STAR ACTOR STAR ACTOR must be featured in one or more STARRING ROLEs

International Movie Rentals Conceptual ERD Oracle Academy Institute Final Project

International Movie Rentals Relational ERD Oracle Academy Institute Final Project

ERD Table InstanceReport : 

ERD Table InstanceReport

ERD Table InstanceReport (cont’d) : 

ERD Table InstanceReport (cont’d)

Conclusion Equinox Database Consulting Company is committed to designing a database that is not only easy to use but is more importantly a database that addresses the specific needs of International video store. We are secure that our diagrams, drafts, explanations, assumptions, and recommendations presented here will offer International a product that is one of honorable quality. Our database is not only of high quality but is one that you will find is efficient, robust, and reliable; all qualities that in a constrained economy offer you proficiency and productivity.

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