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Touchscreen Technology Basics : 

Touchscreen Technology Basics GIT 335 Justin Mitchell

Three Basic Types : 

Three Basic Types Resistive Capacitive Interruptive

Resistive : 

Resistive Two conductive layers that connect when touched. Capable of multitouch. Not affected by dust or dirt on the screen. Good for outdoor use.

Capacitive : 

Capacitive Conductive coating that emits an electric field. Very durable Must be touched by something conductive. Also capable of multitouch.

Interruptive : 

Interruptive A grid of waves over the screen gets interrupted at a certain point on the X axis and Y axis. Very high clarity due to having no layers over the actual screen. Not capable of multitouch. Easily affected by dirt and other interference.

In Conclusion : 

In Conclusion Touchscreens have been around since the 60’s. Just recently a surge in popularity has occurred. Accuracy and intuitiveness continues to improve. They will definitely become more common.

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