Acid Rain


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Slide 1: 

What are the consequences of our pollution ? A major consequence: acid rains


DEFINITION Different types of atmospheric pollution Natural phenomena Human activities + Release chemical substances such as dry or humid deposits that can increase or decrease the impact of acid rains.

Slide 3: 

What are the origins of ACID RAINS ? Human activities are at the origin of important quantities of polluting items that are thrown out in the atmosphere and which contibute to acid rains .

Slide 4: 

Gases which are at the origin of acid rains are : Sulphur dioxyde Carbon dioxyde Nitrogen oxide

Slide 5: 

Acid rains appear when : Sulphur dioxyde Nitrogen oxide Release sulphuric acid and nitric acid ! They move up into the air and are released as acid rains

Slide 6: 

What are the consequences of acid rains on the environnement ? On top of the disastrous consequences on our health, the different components of our environment can be affected by acid rains : water ground materials plants

Slide 7: 

Consequences on water and the wildlife of lakes The water looks more transparent because plankton has disappeared Fish can’t breathe properly, different species disappear

Slide 8: 

Consequences on materials The acid effect of acid rains prompts : The corrosion of metal items The erosion of railways Stone disintegration into dust Unfortunately monuments are not spared by pollution !!

Slide 9: 

Consequences on plants and forests Acid rains take part: Under the action of polluting factors in the gradual death of forests !! the permeability of leaves, needles and plants are altered !!

Slide 10: 

The fight against acid rains is only starting !! How to prevent acid rains ?

Slide 11: 

Producing more and more electricity thanks to wind or water power in order to Use fewer and fewer power stations

Slide 12: 

Building vehicles that : use less petrol or energy and are equipped with catalytic converters

Slide 13: 

Not driving as fast on motorways, with a maximum speed of 110 Km/h instead of 130 Km/h

Slide 14: 

Using : bicycles for short distances public transport as often as possible car-sharing

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