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FAMILY VALUES By Third group Muhammad Arham Muhibbul Haq Muzakkir Nur Muhammad Azwar as sidiq Masdar FAMILY VALUES By Third group Muhammad Arham Muhibbul Haq Muzakkir Nur Muhammad Azwar as sidiq Masdar

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A family is defined as a social unit consisting of parents and the children they are raise. Value is defined as the quality or worth of a thing. In American family, family values include explore values concerning children, young adult, the elderly, and family structure. Family values

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CHILD RAISING a. In the USA is not uncommon for parents to put a new born in a separate room that belongs only to the child. b. Many children are thought at a very early age to make decisions and be responsible for their actions c. Teenagers may baby sit at neighbors’ homes in order to earn a few dollars a week d. Upon reaching an appropriate age (usually between 18-21 years) Children are encourage but not forced to leave the nest and begin independent life.

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The elderly Societal and familial treatment of the elderly also reflects this independence and individualism. Older people may seek their own friend rather than become too emotionally dependent on their children. Some families same their older relatives to nursing homes rather than integrate them into the homes of the children or grandchildren

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The nuclear and the extended family In the USA the nuclear family, which consist of the father, mother, the children is considered the family. And the extended family consist of grandparents, aunt, nephews, nieces, and in law. The American nuclear family usually has its own separate residence and is economically independent of other family member.

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Familial Roles Traditionally the male has responsible for financial support of the home and the family members, husband as a bread winner and wife has responsible for emotional support, childraising and house keeping, but now Wife is not only as a house keeping but also as a bread winner.

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stability and change in the family Many family have strong religious or ethnic backgrounds which continue To contribute to the preservation of the close knit extended family. At one time traditional roles and religion had a much stronger influences on the nuclear family. Changes in the American family structure are evidenced by increasing rates of separation and divorce certain areas of the country the trends have resulted in a growing number of single parents family, remarried parent, and communal life style.

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