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Kelly McGovern's career power point : 

Kelly McGovern's career power point Fine/Crafted artist and landscape designer

Career Influences : 

Career Influences Things that have influenced me to chose my career in crafted arts are: My mom, who is very supportive of art. open art lab class at college of the Red Woods, Helpful because teacher made us write our own assignments, made me want to learn on my own time. A book called art criticism, explained how to analyze an art work. A book called the new drawing on the right side of the brain, it brakes drawing down to five basic skills.

Art medias that I use. : 

Art medias that I use. Ink pens, Shadowboxes, Collage, Acrylic and watercolor paints, Water color pencils, Wire rapping gems and minerals, Photoshop.

Opportunities of Art : 

Opportunities of Art I’m taking graphics and animation class at Mendocino high school. I’m a person who is interested in exploring, creating and learning new things constantly. I’m interested in learning how to promote and sell my own art. I have a art show this September, in Mendocino.

Career Influences : 

Career Influences Things that have influenced me to chose landscape and design: I volunteered for the botanical gardens, on and off for two years. My family, who have a beautiful garden. The fact that I can use my creative touch in making things come to life. Framers market.

Experiences of Gardening : 

Experiences of Gardening My experiences and things that I can do: Plant plants. Trans-plant Cloning Dead heading flowers And how to weed out gardens, ect.…

Opportunities in landscaping : 

Opportunities in landscaping Possible position working at botanical gardens. College, studying horticulture and botany. Some day owning my own landscape business. Incorporating art in to landscape design.

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