21 Things About 21

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21 Things About 21

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Hello wristbands…Goodbye “X’s” 1.

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You don’t have to sneak into bars anymore. 2.

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Sorry Geo, Ct doesn’t need you anymore. 3.

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You’re no longer an option for designated driver. 4.

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5. 6. 7. 8. You’re in the club, no more vertical ID’s. You can bring your own beer to the party now. Expect requests from friends, strangers, etc. to buy your ID. The endless calls for beer from your underage friends, never gets old.

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You can bar hop with your best friend. 9.

Slide 8: 

Being drunk is now a legitimate excuse. 10.

Slide 9: 

You’ll get more use out of that tooth brush you carry around. 11.

Slide 10: 

Now your ass can wait in line at the O’s games! 12.

Slide 11: 

No more worries about underage citations at house parties. 13.

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No more smile practicing. 14.

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Remember to be more cautious of your drunk dialing & texting. 15.

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You can legally enjoy the genes Charlie gave you. 16.

Slide 15: 

You can hang out with the “big kids”. 17.

Slide 16: 

It’s socially acceptable for people to call you an alcoholic when you’re 21. 18.

Slide 17: 

No more “there’s nothing going on tonight!” 19.

Slide 18: 

Life’s better when you’re 21. 20.

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Hell…YOU’RE 21!!! 21.

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