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Linda presentación para un tema mundial, buenas fotos y buena música. Felicitaciones

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Antarctica Satellite View

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The Antarctic continent is located in the South Pole of our Planet. Its geography, climate and biological conditions provide a unique enviroment.

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Antarctica has the lowest temperatures in our planet reaching minus 158 degrees Farenheit with winds of 187.5 Miles per hour. Containing 90% of the planet’s ice it’s the major reserve of fresh water on Earth.

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About 99% of Antarctica is covered with ice at an average thickness of 8,200 feet reaching in some places as deep as 15,669 feet.

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The Antarctic Continent functions as one of Earth’s “refrigerators” regulating the oceanic currents and the world’s climate.

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In spite of the severe weather Antarctica has rich animal life amazingly well adapted to the harsh conditions.

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The arrival of the first tourists in the 50’s was a main cause of enviromental concern. Strict rules and regulations were created to protect the ecology and the enviroment from the visitors such as creating restricted zones , mantain a safe distance from the wild life, not feeding or touching the animals, and rigid control of waste disposal.

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During the summer months (being the pick of the season in January) there is daylight almost 24 hours a day while in winter the days remain on a prolonging half light or penumbra during most of the 24 hours.

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Images : Hans Rieteco Thomas Kunz Veronique Soulier Thorsten Bübelbergusex Christa and Berd Zeitl J. Ens J Lowrence Han Wilhem Prech Uwe Möokelmann

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Music: Royal Philharmonic Aria di amore ( Tosca ) Conducted and arranged by Luis de Cobos from Spain. Created by: Manuel, Mérida, Yucatán, México. English Version: P@blosonic, Las Vegas NV, USA

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