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Human Resources : 

Human Resources

Overview : 

Overview Background 2008 Focus & Accomplishments Structure Challenges & Opportunities

Background : 

Background HR review Payroll review Consultations

Human Resource Review : 

Human Resource Review Improve responsiveness & timelines Reduce errors & improve problem solving Improve standardization & consistency Achieve greater integration Improve transparency & communication Be more creative & proactive Build professional & management capacity

Payroll Review : 

Payroll Review Frequent errors Timeliness Communication Documentation Clarity of HR and Payroll roles Expectations

Consultations : 

Consultations Comprehensive consulting/advisory support Human Resource Plan Performance management Leadership development Recruitment strategies & support Retention HR information/reporting Leading & supporting change Employee orientation Classification

2008 Focus & Accomplishments : 

2008 Focus & Accomplishments HR review and Payroll review Strategic & technical advice Staffing support Learning & development focus Health and safety Personal & professional Diversity

2008 Focus & Accomplishments : 

2008 Focus & Accomplishments Aboriginal Development Program Aboriginal hiring successes Province-wide role model poster series Career development packages Collaboration with student affairs to increase student employment

2008 Focus & Accomplishments : 

2008 Focus & Accomplishments Health & safety Policy development Chemical safety Emergency preparedness Incident/accident reporting Restructured OHC Education

2008 Focus & Accomplishments : 

2008 Focus & Accomplishments Pension & Benefits Management of plans Education HR Information & Systems System improvements Payroll training program and new manual HR reporting tool

Employment & Organizational Development : 

Employment & Organizational Development Recruitment strategies Employment services Employee orientation Aboriginal development & diversity Learning & development Competency development Performance management HR planning

Employee Relations : 

Employee Relations Labour relations Classification/job evaluation Compensation Policy

Health & Safety : 

Health & Safety Safety & prevention programs Emergency measures Worker’s compensation Return to work Workplace health promotion strategies

Pension & Benefits : 

Pension & Benefits Pension administration Benefits management Worker’s compensation Return to work

Information & Systems : 

Information & Systems Human resource information Human resource processing Payroll service Reporting Training and support of information

Challenges & Opportunities : 

Challenges & Opportunities Partnerships Recruitment strategies Orientation program Staffing – process improvement & education Performance management Succession planning framework

Challenges & Opportunities : 

Challenges & Opportunities University-wide learning & development strategy Employee recognition Human resource planning framework with indicators Employee opinion survey Leadership development

Challenges & Opportunities : 

Challenges & Opportunities New collective bargaining agreements Classification systems Emergency Management Plan Workplace health initiatives HR systems improvements HR reporting tool

Closing & Discussion : 

Closing & Discussion Working with faculties & departments What are the key HR issues and challenges in your faculty or department? What kind of support does your faculty or department need from Human Resources? Thank you