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Conditionals : 

Conditionals Maya Arreaza May 2009

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First Conditional: Real Possibility Second Conditional: Unreal Possibility Third Conditional: No Possibility

First ConditionalThe real possibility : 

First ConditionalThe real possibility Future IF + Present Simple + Will + Base Verb Example: If he is free tomorrow, I will invite him to the cinema

Second ConditionalUnreal possibility : 

Second ConditionalUnreal possibility If + Past Simple + Would + Base Verb Example: If I won the lottery, I would travel to Europe for one month Dream

Exception of the Second Conditional : 

Exception of the Second Conditional If I were…. Or If I was…? Example: If I were rich, I would buy a house ? Were!

Third ConditionalNo possibility : 

Third ConditionalNo possibility If + Past Perfect + Would have + Past Participle Example: If I had won the lottery, I would have bought a new car No Possibility Dream

Practice : 

Practice First Conditional: If Mary (prepare) ________ Christmas dinner, Bob (decorate) ____________ the house. If Mary prepare Christmas dinner, Bob will decorate the house. 2. If Robert (do) _____ all his homework, he (pass) ___________ the course. If Robert do all his homework, he will pass the course.

Practice : 

Practice Second Conditional: 1. If I (feel) _____better, I (go) _____ to the cinema with you. If I felt better, I would go to the cinema with you. 2. If he (have) _____ more time, he (learn) ______ to dance. If he had more time, he would learn to dance.

Practice : 

Practice Third Conditional: 1. If you (speak) Spanish, she understand. If you had spoken Spanish, she would have understood. 2. If I (miss) the bus, I (not/arrive) on time. If I missed the bus, I would not have arrived on time.

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