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Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians : 

Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians By: Cherisha Gouge May 6th 2009

Table of Contents : 

Table of Contents Map of Wisconsin Indian Tribes Bad River Powwow Fancy Shawl Jingle Dress Men’s Fancy Dance Grass Dance About the Bad River Tribe Bad River Casino Myths and Legends Goatman The Great Spirit Gichi Manidoo Community Center Bad River Boys and Girls Club Clans of the Chippewa Bear Clan Eagle Clan Crane & Loon Clan About me Sites I used The End

Wisconsin Map : 

Wisconsin Map

Bad River Powwow : 

Bad River Powwow Bad River Powwow is in mid August A small powwow But you get to meet new people Maybe about 2-300 dancers

Fancy Shawl : 

Fancy Shawl Northern Fancy Shawl Dance is said to imitate that of a butterfly. Fancy shawl involves more motion and agility than other styles of dance. This dance style is similar in dancing and the bright colors to the Men's Fancy Dance

Jingle Dress : 

Jingle Dress The dance was a gift from the Creator to the Ojibwa people for the purpose of healing. After nearly dying out, the dance regained popularity. A fan is carried and raised during the honor beats of the song

Men’s Fancy Dance : 

Men’s Fancy Dance Men’s Fancy dance is said to be originated in Oklahoma in the early 1900’s The brightest and fastest of men's dance styles. This dance belongs to no tribe. Sometimes this dance is freestyle, with dancers doing such wild things as the splits and back flips.

Grass Dance : 

Grass Dance In some nations people believe that the Grass Dance is a healing dance. In other nations the dancers blessed the ground while they danced in time with the beat of the drum. dancers‘ outfits of today consist of a belt, cuffs, headband

About the Bad River Tribe : 

About the Bad River Tribe Bad River is located on a 125,000+ acre reservation in Northern Wisconsin The tribe has over 6,000 members, about 1,500 live on the reservation in Odanah, Old Odanah, Birch Hill & Franks Field. The reservation is over 90% wild land The Bad River Band is one of six Ojibwe bands in Wisconsin that are federally recognized tribes

Bad River Casino : 

Bad River Casino Bad River Casino has slots, blackjack, snack bar, restaurant, and a lodge. Bad River is located 10 miles east of Ashland, Wisconsin on U.S. Highway 2 The casino does a drawing almost very month

Myths and Legends : 

Myths and Legends Goat Man The Great Spirit Gichi Manidoo

Goat Man : 

Goat Man Goat man is told to be half man and half goat. Some people say he is a relative of Bigfoot. But people also say he looks like the devil.

The Great Spirit Gichi Manidoo : 

The Great Spirit Gichi Manidoo According to Ojibwe prophecy, the Great Spirit Gichi Manidoo told the Anishinaabe to move west from the Atlantic coast until they found the "food that grows on water." (wild rice)

Community Center : 

Community Center At the community center you can play basketball, volley ball, dodge ball. Its our gym. The community center is used for almost everything. Weddings and funerals and we use it to have dances.

Bad River Boys and Girls Club : 

Bad River Boys and Girls Club Kids can make new friends. Go on trips to swimming in the summer and hiking. In the winter you can go on trip in the winter to sledding or skiing. Do homework There is a beading club. Where you can make bracelets, necklaces, or Native American arts such as, dream catchers, moccasins, and other arts.

Clans of the Chippewa : 

Clans of the Chippewa Bear Eagle Crane & Loon

Bear Clan : 

Bear Clan Bear Clan members were the strong and steady police and legal guardians. Bear Clan members spent a lot of time patrolling the land surrounding the tribe.

Eagle Clan : 

Eagle Clan Eagle Clan represented the spiritual leaders of the people and gave the nation its vision of well-being and its highest development of the spirit.

Crane & Loon Clan : 

Crane & Loon Clan Crane and the Loon Clans were given the power of Chieftainship By working together, these two clans gave the people a balanced government with each serving as a check on the other.

About Me : 

About Me I’m from the Bad River Band Of Chippewa Indians. But I was born in L.C.O., another Chippewa tribe in Wisconsin. I dance Fancy shawl at powwow. My Indian name is Bay-wah-jaee-wii-biik (bay-wah-jay-wee-beak). It means coming out of the mountains. And I am part of the Bear Clan.

Sites I Used : 

Sites I Used

The End : 

The End

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