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History of Sports at MSU : 

History of Sports at MSU Portia Vescio University Archives and Historical Collections 101 Conrad Hall 355-2330

Overview : 

Overview History of athletics at MSU up to entry in Big Ten Closer look at history of specific sports Using the archives Helpful resources

Early Years : 

Early Years 1855 – MAC founded 1857 – First students enter the college 1862 – Students begin to campaign for athletics 1865 – Student-run baseball team is formed, The Stars

College Hall : 

College Hall

Early Years, cont. : 

Early Years, cont. 1870 – Students renew efforts for athletic programs 1881 – The College Speculum takes up the crusade 1884 – MAC wins first intercollegiate sporting event (in baseball over Olivet) 1886 – Student-run athletic association formed

Article in the College Speculum, April 1, 1882 : 

Article in the College Speculum, April 1, 1882

Field Days and the MIAA : 

Field Days and the MIAA Field days provided an opportunity for athtletes to compete. First one held in 1884 In 1886 MAC hosted Albion and Olivet Competitions included wrestling, baseball, running, jumping, boxing, shot putting, and football. Out of field days came the MIAA- MAC, Olivet, Albion and Hillsdale.

MAC Field Day Baseball Team 1888 : 

MAC Field Day Baseball Team 1888

Change Begins : 

Change Begins 1886 – Armory completed 1890 – State Board of Agriculture approves $250 for equipment 1892 – First on-campus track installed 1896 – Football begins first season with four game schedule 1897 – Bobby Gale hired by athletic association 1899 – Charles Bemies hired as first athletic coach.

1896 Football Team : 

1896 Football Team

Recruiting a Football Team : 

Recruiting a Football Team Athletic Director George E. Denman began recruiting football players as early as 1902 Wrote letters and visited “promising athletes” urging them to attend MAC Felt that he was at a disadvantage as MAC not known in the East

Development in other Sports : 

Development in other Sports 1900 – First two tennis courts built on campus 1902 – First swimming pool installed. Old College Field becomes main athletic area 1904 – Harry Moon is the first Aggie to compete in the U.S. Olympic team trials

Class Athletes 1897 : 

Class Athletes 1897

Aggies vs. Spartans : 

Aggies vs. Spartans “Aggies” was the original nickname for athletic teams on campus 1925 – MAC becomes Michigan State College of Agriculture and Applied Science Formal contest held – “Michigan Staters” wins 2 Lansing newspapermen reject this, dig through rejected entries and choose “Spartans”

Sparty Statue : 

Sparty Statue

Rules Regulating Athletes : 

Rules Regulating Athletes May 1910 Faculty approve of regulations Three years of eligibility- Freshmen not eligible Outlawed pay for playing on college teams Athletes must compete under their own names Football team could not begin practice until school year started Football team could only play teams from other colleges and no more than 9 games (16 for baseball and basketball)

Building Teams : 

Building Teams 1908 – Football team has first undefeated season (6-0-2) including a 0-0 tie with UM. Aggies played Notre Dame in basketball for first time, winning 33-20, MAC is also expelled from the MIAA after winning 10 consecutive field days 1913 – First perfect football season (7-0-0), including victory over UM

First touchdown in MAC victory over UM, 1913 : 

First touchdown in MAC victory over UM, 1913

Chester Brewer : 

Chester Brewer Director of Athletics, 1903-1910 Led Aggies to such dominance, that MAC kicked out of MIAA Basketball team had a 70-25 record after 7 seasons Returned as coach 1917-1921

Taking more Control : 

Taking more Control 1915 – College strengthens Board in Control of Athletics. Student oversight of athletics disappears. 1916 – backlash over MAC’s efforts to recruit best athletes in Michigan Beginning of battles between booster clubs and administration over athletics

World War I era on campus : 

World War I era on campus MAC turned into a virtual military camp Formation of Student Army Training Corps (SATC) by the War Department Created 8 temporary barracks 500 men in auto mechanics course 500 men as regular college students 50 men in naval training course Students leaving to join war effort Formation of ROTC on campus in Spring 1917

Post-War Growth : 

Post-War Growth 1920 - Men’s Gymnasium opens. MAC joins the NCAA. 1921 – WKAR broadcasts basketball games 1923 – Football stadium with seating capacity of 14,000 is built. WKAR begins broadcasting football games.

Track team, 1920s : 

Track team, 1920s

North Central Association Investigation 1933 : 

North Central Association Investigation 1933 Uncovered four unacceptable conditions: Grades in physical education classes were uniformly high Athletes (5 % of male students) received 11-12% of student loan money Percentage of athletes employed exceeded all other groups Percentage of athletes indebted to college exceed all other groups

Aerial view of campus, 1920s : 

Aerial view of campus, 1920s

All-time largest crowd in Macklin Stadium, (26,977) Oct. 25, 1947 : 

All-time largest crowd in Macklin Stadium, (26,977) Oct. 25, 1947

World War II era : 

World War II era 1940 – Enrollment more than doubles 1943 – MSU President John Hannah issues a statement, “Termination of all inter-collegiate athletic competition at M.S.C. for the duration”

Entry into Big Ten : 

Entry into Big Ten 1946 – University of Chicago withdraws from Big Ten 1948 – MSC voted into Big Ten pending certification May 20, 1949 – MSC officially becomes member of Big Ten, competition to begin in 1950-51 school year, except football which begins 1953

Big 10 Headlines : 

Big 10 Headlines

Brief Histories of Individual Sports : 

Brief Histories of Individual Sports

Baseball : 

Baseball Was the first organized athletic activity on campus Early teams were mediocre John Kobs began as coach in 1925 Kobs had 34 winning seasons out of 38

1878 Sophomore Baseball Club : 

1878 Sophomore Baseball Club

Hockey : 

Hockey Began on campus in 1906, played two games against Lansing High School Played on Red Cedar River – weather providing 1922 – Becomes a varsity sport. Tennis courts are flooded to make arena John Kobs coached the team 1925-1930 1931 – Hockey cancelled until 1950 when an artificial ice arena was built in Demonstration Hall.

Early Varsity Hockey team : 

Early Varsity Hockey team

1953 Hockey Team : 

1953 Hockey Team

Wrestling : 

Wrestling One of the early sports – part of 1884 informal field day Dropped in 1906 and interest remained low until after new Men’s Gymnasium following WWI. Wrestling team reformed in 1921 Wrestling thrived under coach Fendley Collins, 1930-1962

Wrestling ca. 1957 : 

Wrestling ca. 1957

Fencing : 

Fencing Dates back to 1895 MIAA Field Day Not seen again on campus until post WWI when Chester Brewer reinitiated sport Joseph Waffa and Omar M. Lebel organized first fencing club (men and women) Becomes varsity sport in 1926 Charles Schmitter coached MSU fencing for over 30 years

Fencing team practice 1936 : 

Fencing team practice 1936

Women’s fencing, 1926 : 

Women’s fencing, 1926

Swimming : 

Swimming First pool installed 1902, not popular as an organized sport until post WWI Becomes varsity sport in 1922 Teams not great in 1920s, but improve during 1930s New coach Charles McCaffree in 1942 brought team to new highs post-WWII

Big Ten Invitational Swimming Relays 1956 : 

Big Ten Invitational Swimming Relays 1956

Basketball : 

Basketball First season was in 1899. Team played 2 games to Olivet and lost. Played in the Armory until 1918 Was considered a “minor” sport at first Became more prominent under coach Van Alstyne

January 12, 1948 Basketball game vs. Marquette : 

January 12, 1948 Basketball game vs. Marquette

Basketball Trivia Question : 

Basketball Trivia Question Which was the first basketball team at MAC to play against an off campus rival? (Men or women?)

Basketball Trivia Answer : 

Basketball Trivia Answer The women In January 1898, Lansing High School defeated MAC, 16-2 They met again a week later, when Lansing High School won in a 26-6 rout.

Women’s Athletics : 

Women’s Athletics 1870 – Women admitted as students 1888 – Women regular members of tennis club Competed in field days in tennis from 1896 Early women’s sports: fencing, pistol, field hockey, and swimming

Women’s Athletic Association : 

Women’s Athletic Association Organized in 1924 by Helen Grimes, director of physical education Oversaw competition between the classes in baseball, field hockey, soccer, basketball, volleyball, and rifle By 1926 had a membership of 100 athletes Co-eds had to follow certain rules Sleep 8 hours per night; one cup of coffee per day, no smoking Source: M.S.C. Record, November 1926

Women’s softball, 1920s : 

Women’s softball, 1920s

Title IX and Beyond : 

Title IX and Beyond 1972 – Title IX – women’s sports expand greatly 1976 – first athletics scholarships given to women ($30K split among all sports) 1980 – Women given Varsity letters for first time 2002 – Over 300 former women athletes awarded Varsity letters

University Archives and Historical Collections : 

University Archives and Historical Collections 101 Conrad Hall Monday – Friday 8-12, 1-5 355-2330

Using the archives : 

Using the archives All materials are Library Use Only – nothing leaves archives All bags, purses, coats in lockers Bring to table only notepad, laptop Write with pencil Leave items in same folders and same order as you received them

Using the archives : 

Using the archives No food or drink allowed No cell phones First time users must register – need to bring a photo ID Must sign the guest book every visit

Copying Services : 

Copying Services Archives staff will copy materials for you Cost is $0.20 per page Depending on quantity may not be done immediately Can scan photographs/negatives Cost is $5.00 per scan

Start Early!! : 

Start Early!! Research with primary documents takes time. Don’t wait until the last minute. Do preliminary research before going to archives Have a topic in mind

Books on MSU History : 

Books on MSU History History of the Michigan agricultural college and biographical sketches of trustees and professors, by W. J. Beal. Main Library LD3245.M28 B4  Michigan State: the first hundred years, 1855-1955. by Madison Kuhn Main Library LD3245.M28 K8 Michigan Agricultural College : the evolution of a land-grant philosophy, 1855-1925 / Keith R. Widder. Main Library Reference LD3248.M5 W53 2005

General Reference Sources : 

General Reference Sources Spartan sports encyclopedia : a history of the Michigan State men's athletic program Main Library GV691.M48 S45 2003  Spartan saga; a history of Michigan State athletics Main Library GV691.M48 F7 1973

Sport Specific Books : 

Sport Specific Books Football The Spartans : a story of Michigan State football Main Library GV958.M5 S8  Spartan football : 100 seasons of gridiron glory Main Library GV958.M5 .H6 1996

Sport Specific Books : 

Sport Specific Books Hockey Awe inspiring : the storied history of Spartan hockey Main Library GV848.M5 P7 1997  The Michigan State hockey encyclopedia Reference, 1 East GV848.M5 C6 1998

Sport Specific Books : 

Sport Specific Books Basketball Magic moments : a century of Spartan basketball Main Library GV885.43.M53 E35 1998

Early Records in the Archives : 

Early Records in the Archives College Speculum, 1881-1896 The Holcad, 1909-1925 Yearbooks – also in library LD3245.M47 W6 MSC Record (Alumni Magazine) 1896 – 1955 Course Catalogs

Early Records in the Archives : 

Early Records in the Archives Athletic Record Books, Sports Information Records (UA 8.1.3) Football, 1884-1962 Basketball, 1889-1964 Track, 1888-1963 Fencing, 1926-1964 Boxing, 1935-1958 Wrestling, 1922-1964 Hockey, 1922-1964

General Sports Resources : 

General Sports Resources Intercollegiate Athletics Records, 1960-1972 (UA 4.3) Baseball, basketball, cross-country, fencing, football, golf, gymnastics, hockey, lacrosse, soccer, swimming, tennis, track, wrestling Annual Reports for Intercollegiate Athletics, 1959-1971 Annual Reports for the Athletic Council, 1968, 1970-71, 1975

General Sports Resources : 

General Sports Resources John A. Hannah Papers, 1857-1991, 1954-1969 (UA 2.1.12) Intercollegiate athletics, Rose Bowl Games, fight songs, Athletic Council Ralph Young Papers, 1915-1958 (UA 17.114) Basketball, baseball, boxing, cross-country, fencing, football, golf, gymnastics, hockey, swimming, tennis, track and field

General Subject Files : 

General Subject Files Baseball, basketball, women’s basketball, bowling, crew, cross-country, football, gymnastics, hockey, women’s hockey, judo, lacrosse, soccer, swimming, tennis, track, volleyball, water polo, wrestling, NCAA, Green Splash, Spartan Stadium, Sparty Statue, Title IX

Search Library Catalog for Collections : 

Search Library Catalog for Collections All processed collections have records in Library Catalog ( Can limit search to only items in University Archives and Historical Collections Try various search terms – if “sports” does not work, try “athletics”

Collections related to Football : 

Collections related to Football Clarence Munn Papers, 1946-1972 (UA 17.75) Hugh “Duffy” Daugherty Papers, 1947-1975 (UA 17.63) Ralph Young Papers, 1915-1958 (UA 17.114) Clifton Wharton Papers, 1950-1977 (UA 2.1.14)

Collections related to Swimming : 

Collections related to Swimming Porpoise Fraternity Records, 1948 (UA 12.2.5) Green Splash Swimming Club Records, 1922-1937 (UA 12.3.18)

Women’s Athletics : 

Women’s Athletics Intercollegiate Athletics, 1972-1978 (UA 4.3) Edgar L. Harden Papers, 1976-1980 (UA 2.1.15) Associate Provost Records (UA 3.4) Carol Harding Papers, 1974-1995 (UA 17.210) Green Splash (UA 12.3.18)

Other online resources : 

Other online resources This presentation Green Splash Exhibition

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