Examination Stress

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Prof. Dr. Pragati Jain How to Reduce Examination Stress

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Why are you looking worried? I get nervous during examinations.

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Come I’ll tell you how to reduce Examination Stress. It will help you to perform better.

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What are examinations and why are they held? Examinations are a test to the work you have learnt for the academic year. This is one of the ways to know if you are ready for the next class or no. Just like you cannot jump before walking same way you have to study in hierarchy to reach the next class and have to be ready and prepared for it too.

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What are the reasons for exam fear? Personal Experiences, Fear of failure, Fear of being judged by the significant people, Expectations from self, Parents, teachers, Peer Pressure, Naturally nervous, anxious and worried, Not prepared thoroughly, Poor skills and study habits.

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How does one overcome the examination fear? Make it a Habit Clear Realistic Goals Designed Effort Study Calmly Giving Importance

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