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It’s so amazing when you see a school like Eastern Mediterranean University has achieved so much since its establishment irrespective of the fact that it’s in a country like Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, a country that is not recognized by the United Nation and still yet students come from 68 countries just to get better education. Before I talk about its achievements let me give a brief history about Eastern Mediterranean University. EMU AT 30 (089614) 2

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EMU AT 30 (089614) 3 Eastern Mediterranean University was established in 1979. It started offering programs fully recognized by Council of Higher Education in Turkey. The campus spreads over an area of 2200 acres. The university owns unprecedented campus facilities and creates a multicultural environment with students coming from 68 countries and highly qualified members from 35 different nations. It started as an institute of higher technology.

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EMU AT 30 (089614) 4 In 1979, the Institute of Higher Technology started educational service with the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Mechanical Engineering with 105 students. 1985 – Mutual agreement between TRCN and Turkey to open a university called Eastern Mediterranean University. 1986 – TRCN passed a new law; the Institute of Higher Technology assumes the name Eastern Mediterranean University and is established as a state-trust University.

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EMU AT 30 (089614) 5 1986 - Faculty of Business and Economics is inaugurated in addition to the Faculties of Engineering and Arts and Sciences. School of Computing and Technology is established. 1990 - Faculty of Architecture and School of Tourism and Hospitality Management are established. 1995 - The Eastern Mediterranean College (high school) is established. 1996 Faculty of Law starts offering education. 1997 The Faculty of Communication and Media Studies and the Faculty of Medicine start their education services; The Eastern Mediterranean Nursery School and Elementary School are established.

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EMU AT 30 (089614) 6 2006- Eastern Mediterranean University has become a full member of the Community of Mediterranean Universities (CMU) and of the Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World (FUIW) and is continuing to obtain international accreditations and to open out into the world. Eastern Mediterranean University offers education to more than 15.000 students from 68 different countries, with around 1000 faculty members who have joined EMU from 35 different countries and who are professionals in their fields contributing to the rapid growth of a university that strives to be a pioneering force with all its innovative ideas and its aim to reach the peak of quality, as a global university through the 7 Faculties, 2 Schools and the English Preparatory School she embodies.

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EMU AT 30 (089614) 7 EMU has continued to increase in its standard since its creation. Its professors and lecturers are highly trained and are always ready to help you in whatever difficulties you have with your courses. Its faculties and departments are so unbelievable because of the infrastructures they possess. The computer laboratories and science laboratories are always available to students for use. I can see the reason why it has been ranked by world universities as the 1401st University in the world out of about 15,000 existing universities. It’s also the 1st in TRCN.

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EMU AT 30 (089614) 8 The university also offers some intellectual courses that are so unimaginable just to widen the knowledge of its students and it also offers classrooms with adequate teaching facilities. Thanks to the modern understanding of education shared by all, students are trained as individuals thoroughly learned and endowed with excellent research skills, who can generate new knowledge, who are aware of and meticulous about environmental issues, who are creative, confident and ready to compete with the world youth.

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EMU AT 30 (089614) 9 In addition to the in-door and out-door sport complexes, the variant of student clubs and the fully-equipped offices they own where all club activities are planned, and the on-campus dormitory facilities reflect the student oriented educational philosophy of Eastern Mediterranean. Finally, EMU is proud to have produced more than 23.000 graduates from different cultures and nationalities.

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