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G1 Grammar : 

G1 Grammar Conditionals

Agenda : 

Agenda Review conditional homework Type 3 – Past Unreal Mixed Conditionals HEROES conditional essays Homework

Review Homework : 

Review Homework 3 conditionals

Replacing if : 

Replacing if Unless + affirmative = if + negative Unless you hurry, we will be late. If you don’t hurry, we will be late Provided that (formal) I will lend you money provided that you repay me. I will lend you money if you repay me Suppose? Suppose you are late? (What will happen if you are late?) In case We’ll eat inside in case it rains – in preparation Practice – p. 237, ex 12

Mixed Conditionals : 

Mixed Conditionals You can mix type 2 and 3 conditionals easily If I hadn’t failed the driving test, I would have my license. If I were going to the party, I would have bought a gift. Type 1 is not commonly mixed in a sentence. Different speakers may use all 3 conditionals in a conversation. Practice: p. 238, ex. 13

Homework : 

Homework Mini project! Due Thursday, April 23. You will watch some clips of the TV show, HEROES. Discuss the characters. What special abilities do they have? If you could be a hero, would you want to be one? Which ability would you want? How would you use it? Write a short essay (1-2 pages) describing what you think. You should have MANY type 2 and 3 conditional sentences Want to watch more clips and episodes?

Heroes : 

Heroes Trailer/Overview – How many characters can you identify from the chart? Hiro – What is Hiro’s power? What would you do if you had Hiro’s power? Claire and Matt– Listen carefully – what conditional statement does Mr. Bennet make? If you had been born with powers like Claire or Matt, what would you have done as a teenager? Charlie – If you had Charlie’s power, how would your study habits change?

More Heroes : 

More Heroes What powers would the actors want? More clips from Hulu More clips from

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