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Prepared by Corinne Millar Planet Retail | March 2005

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2 Global Development Strategy Future Growth Operational Issues Around the world with Tesco

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Top 10 Global Ranking, 2004 -2008 3

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Global Map 4 UK R.O. Ireland France Czech Republic Poland Slovakia Hungary Turkey Thailand Malaysia Taiwan Japan S Korea USA China Russia Greece

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Top 3 in UK, Thailand, Slovakia, Poland, S Korea, Ireland and Hungary 5

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UK still dominates… but share is falling UK Rest of world 6

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Key Overseas Markets: South Korea, Ireland, Hungary, Thailand and China 7

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East vs West 8 Europe +25% Asia +122%

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Multi-channel approach 9 Japan Malaysia UK Ireland Czech Republic Poland Slovakia Hungary Turkey Thailand Taiwan S Korea China Hypermarkets & superstores Supermarkets C-store & forecourt Discount stores Cash & carry

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Continued growth across three core formats 10

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Operational Issues In-store 11 Private labels Pricing Loyalty cards

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Operational Issues Back Office 12 Supply chain management Organisation Buying

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Key Messages 13 One of the world’s leading grocery retailers Flexible, multi-channel retailer Competitive pricing drives business Early adopter of new technology

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