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Can one imagine working for the following company? It has a little over 500 employees with the following statistics :

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29 have been accused of spouse abuse. 7 have been arrested for fraud. 19 have more than three criminal cases pending against them . 117 have been charged and are being investigated for Murder, Rape, Assault, Extortion and Robbery.

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71 cannot get credit or loans due to bad credit histories. 21 are current defendants on various lawsuits.. 84 have been involved in offenses and have paid fines. Can you guess what mighty Organization this is?

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It is the Lower House of the Parliament of India that works for you and me. The same group cranks out hundreds of Laws designed to keep the rest of us in check… Can we do something about it ?

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USE THE POWER OF YOUR VOTE!!! And let’s make the Politicians accountable by CASTING OUR VOTESCome Join us and redefine India to the world BHARAT VOTES Voting is not your RIGHT, It’s your DUTY For more information email: BharatVotes@gmail.com www.BharatVotes.org

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