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Air Car : 

Air Car Cristina Crock ford

My Idea : 

My Idea My Idea was that I get a box, get a straw and make a hole in the box so the straw fits in, then I blow a balloon, and tie it on to the tip of the straw. As soon as I finish, I squeeze the balloon so that the air makes the box move. Then you don’t have to waste petrol, unless someone squeezes the balloon.

Materials : 

Materials Materials: Balloons Straw String Box Extra paper Tape Scissors Wheels Picture materials:

Problem : 

Problem We are wasting petrol! But we don’t waist air!

Step 1 : 

Step 1 Put the box on your table, than put holes in the parts that the wheels and straw will come in.

Step 2 : 

Step 2 Add the wheels on the holes, and put the straw on the back part of the box, were the hole was.

Step 3 : 

Step 3 Blow up the balloon and then stick it onto the straw.

Results : 

Results My project did not work, so I decided to get a real car, and blow the balloon, and stick it on the car. Unfortunately I had to give up, none worked.

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