History of Cell Phones

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Slide 1: 

Cell Phones: Before and After By Brittany Gilpin Block 2

Slide 2: 

It’s hard to imagine a world without cell phones. We use them almost every day to communicate with the world around us. However, it wasn’t always this easy to get in touch with our friends and family…

Slide 3: 

When my grandmother was growing up, it was difficult for her to get in touch with her family while out with her friends.

Slide 4: 

She talked to her parents before leaving the house, and hoped that nobody would have any reason to contact her while she was gone.

Slide 5: 

Even though she uses the devices today, my grandma would have enjoyed the technology that was developed in the 1970’s when she was a teenager much more than she does today.

The First Cell Phone : 

The First Cell Phone The first cell phone was named the DynaTAC8000X. It was created by Martin Cooper in 1984. It took over a decade to develop and $100 million. There were only about 2,000of these cell phones available to the public.

Slide 7: 

Weight- 2 pounds Could store only 30 phone numbers. Battery needed to be charged for 10 hours. Talk time- 1 hour! The phone cost $3,995!!

Slide 8: 

Even though the cell phone had been invented, it was still too heavy, too impractical, and too expensive for most people to buy!

Slide 9: 

My grandma, like everyone else, could not afford a cell phone like that in her time.

Slide 10: 

Cell phone companies began to introduce new phones to make them more appealing. They created address books, built-in fax machines, calculators, e-mail, and SMS messaging within the phones. Flip-phones started to become more popular.

The Motorola MicroTAC : 

The Motorola MicroTAC One of the first, major flip phones was the Nokia 9000 Communicator. It was created in the late 1980’s. It was popular but still cost $3,000.

The First Blackberry : 

The First Blackberry The first Blackberry was called the Blackberry 850. It was originally named the Inter@ctive Pager. It was one of the first phones with a full keyboard.

Slide 13: 

Even after the Blackberry was invented, cell phones without full QWERTY keyboards were still popular among all people.

Slide 14: 

However, phones that could function as more than just a telephone began to increase in popularity at the start of the century.

The Danger HipTop : 

The Danger HipTop Later became known as the Sidekick. One of the first phones to offer Web browsing, e-mail access, and instant messaging. First phone with a ‘swivel’ design.

Slide 16: 

According to my grandma, the most useful feature within a cell phone? The camera!

Slide 17: 

Camera phones made it easy to snap pictures anywhere and send them to friends. They were first developed in 2002.

The First Camera Phone : 

The First Camera Phone The Sanyo SCP-5300 was the first camera phone available to Americans. Photos were of VGA quality. Photos taken were often very blurry and distorted.

Slide 19: 

Cell phones soon became all about games, as well. Even though my grandma finds no use out of them, they are very popular among kids and teens.

The Nokia N-Gage : 

The Nokia N-Gage Nokia attempted to bring major gaming to cell phones by introducing the Nokia N-Gage. Awkward to hold. ‘Gamers’ typically stuck with their original devices.

The Future of Cell Phones : 

The Future of Cell Phones Has the future already arrived?

The Apple iPhone : 

The Apple iPhone Introduced in June 2007. First phone without any numerical keypad. Touch-screen. Music, e-mail, photos, a camera, and thousands of applications.

Slide 23: 

Cell phones have come a long way since first being introduced in the 1900’s. My grandma has had the privilege of seeing this revolution first-hand.

Slide 24: 

THE PROS according to my grandma… Can communicate with others while away from home. Send pictures to friends and family. Keep in touch using email and text messaging. Great in case of emergency.

Slide 25: 

THE CONS according to my grandma… Service is not always available. Easy to misplace/lose. Ring at inappropriate times. Subject to others’ conversations. Can cause car accidents.

What do YOU think?! : 

What do YOU think?! Has the invention of cell phones been positive or negative? How have they influenced your life?

Slide 27: 

“I love cell phones in moderation. I think if you can put it on speakerphone and not put your head up against the technology itself, it’s safe. If you don’t use them while you’re driving, don’t use them in restaurants, and don’t use them in public places where other people have to be subjected to your conversation, then I think they are a good thing.” –Susan Scales

Slide 28: 

“I think that cell phones have influenced my life in a positive way. I use it all the time and it helps me stay in contact with my friends and family.” –Livvy Riggs

Slide 29: 

The seventh graders in Mrs. Wagner’s class said that cell phones are great because you can’t take your house phone with you. Cell phones make it easy to talk to people when you’re on the go!

Slide 30: 

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