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HRM : 

HRM Ravi Kiran

What affect do you expect these items to have on HR? : 

What affect do you expect these items to have on HR? Increasing levels of education Shift from manufacturing economy to services Increased number of dual income career families Increased number of women and ethnic minorities in the labour force Aging of the labour force

History of HRM : 

History of HRM Welfare Work factory inspectors (1833) regulation of hours of work (1878) Rowntree & Cadbury Trade Union movement 1868 first Trades Union Conference 1885 11 trades unionists elected to H0C 1980s shift from PM to HRM first seen in the US - early 1980s US academics, managers and gurus term taken up by UK academics and managers 1990s early 1990s, floodgates open language of HRM increasingly used

Slide 4: 

Early 1900 Scientific Management Movement Focus on processes, cost reduction and pay for performance Job simplification and focus on rules   Human Relations Model 1920-1940’s View from employees perspective Focus on social environment – working conditions, supervisors style, mgmt philosophy

HRM Movement started back in the 1900- present : 

HRM Movement started back in the 1900- present Increase of HR department responsibilities from strictly admin to include: legal compliance, performance appraisals, recruitment, screening, corporate change etc. Closer examination of worker motivation beyond previous two based on nature and scope of job, social influences, compensation, incentive systems, organizational culture, climate supervisors style, and individual needs and values

Strategic HR Management : 

Strategic HR Management Need to have an HR strategy to have direction and game plan must encompass the large picture for the Co. priorities, mission   To be effective must obtain, develop, maintain, retain the right combination of worker to facilitate these such goals

Strategic HR Management : 

Strategic HR Management Provide environment scanning information about competitors policies/programs Aid in determining company’s strengths and weaknesses    Aid company’s in preparing for their strategic plans – i.e.. expansion, cost cutting measures, mergers etc.

Proactive HR Management : 

Proactive HR Management Strategic approach helps to ID & anticipate problems B4 damage is caused production maintained or interruptions reduced

Changing Business Environment : 

Changing Business Environment Globalization Globalization today is more rapid and pervasive. Distance is becoming a shrinking barrier Internet Power New ways of building and delivering products and services online New Dimensions in Business Space Forces like technological breakthroughs, economic growth, market evolution, shifts in customer tastes, social changes, and political events can expand or shrink Business Space

Changing Business Environment : 

Changing Business Environment Growth Era Today's growth era produces huge discontinuities, creates new industries and destroys old ones, and accelerates global economic growth in the process Increasing Complexity Business Space, technologies, processes, and business models become more complex. That is because new characteristics are added frequently, but subtracted infrequently Information Information is becoming readily available around the globe at an unprecedented pace Change Dramatic changes in competition, technology, and workforce values are causing organizations to search for new and more human ways of increasing productivity and competitiveness

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