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Doyon,ana maria : 

Doyon,ana maria

Description of activity : 

Description of activity We have to go to a certain Baranggay and take note that the criteria of this baranggay immersion is that the baranggay should be outside Cebu City, where we have to interview some baranggay workers, officials, vendors or civilians about how their baranggay is and their concerns about their baranggay.  We were asked to group ourselves into three for the baranggay immersion. My group mates are Pamela James Monteclar and Danila Camile Menchavez.

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We decided to have the baranggay immersion at Baranggay Opao, Mandaue city, since I had my community duty there.      We went there last February 28, 2009, Saturday. It was really fun and exciting because it was our first time to go there with just riding a jeepney and a tricicad because our school bus usually drop and fetch us there. And the most challenging part is that we are not familiar on how to go there with just commuting. We just ask our friend some tips on how to get there. And thank God we weren’t lost, we arrived there safely.

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When we arrived there we immediately started our interview. We were able to interview three people. First was the baranggay office secretary, second was our suki tempura vendor and lastly was the tanod chief. They were so cooperative and welcoming to us. I really enjoyed our baranggay immersion and I learned a lot from it.




DESCRIPTIVE ACTIVITY We had our Brgy. Immersion at sitio Opao somewhere in Mandaue city. We interviewed a couple of persons there and we found out that their main problem was their drainage system. Over the years they’ve been working on their drainage systems like putting up stepping stones on the sidewalks for the people’s convenience every time a flood occurs. Moreover, their barangay council is very active in terms of social services like their operation linis every month and in making follow ups on their proposed projects like planning to put up several public toilets in their area.

L E A R N I N G S : 

L E A R N I N G S I learned that we must not ignore a minor community problem for it can give lead to other problems more complicated than the latter. It will just give us great inconvenience leaving us community residents to suffer more.




DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITY Honestly, the activity was so tiring! Like we have to travel so far just so we could have the immersion which is strictly prohibited Cebu City based. Well, it’s not actually that far but we still have to ride about 1 jeepney for 30 minutes and 1 tricycle for 10 minutes. Hey! And who would probably love to walk under the heat of the sun?!

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When we got at Opao, we went directly at the brgy. hall. Sir Ralph Manggara, secretary, entertained us and cooperatively answered some questions we’ve thrown. We then asked Manang Rosa the same questions with Ralph. (He said we have to call him “just” Ralph because we are of the same age. W!) We looked for some teachers to be interviewed but then they refused because they said they’re busy. =D

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We approached Sir Ereneo for the last interview. Willingly, he participated on the activity we’ve done. It was nearly lunch and our stomach is gurgling. We need to eat. Then so, we decided to go back home with the same vehicles ridden and time wasted. Hehehe. ?

L E A R N I N G S : 

L E A R N I N G S People can be approachable even if they don’t seem to be what they look like. Not all people doesn’t care about their environment. Even the less educated are knowledgeable on what’s happening around them. Ignorance is the best word for stupidity. Small issues can lead to big problems. Working is hard yet fun. ?

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