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Manmohan Singh Over achiever to under achiever:

Manmohan Singh Over achiever to under achiever Lessons for Leaders and Professionals


Introduction Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who has long been lauded for his pivotal role in liberalising the Indian economy, has been dubbed as an "underachiever" by a top US magazine. How come a leader who was once called Singh is King and hailed as the architect of India growth story has become an underachiever . Great lessons and insights for the current management leaders and professional.

Crisis is a great opportunity :

Crisis is a great opportunity Manmohan Singh was able to push liberalization reform in 1991 as there was almost zero foreign reserve and balance of payment crisis was a reality. Gold has to be flown to IMF by the RBI to get the foreign exchange required for import by Indian Government Cut to 2011-2012 – there is a problem but no serious crisis. So there is no urgency in carrying out the reform.

Lesson learnt:

Lesson learnt Sometimes a crisis is a good thing if properly leveraged. If there is no crisis do invent one and see the result coming in as people focus on the crisis and find the safety /solution.

Delegate by all means but monitor :

Delegate by all means but monitor Though Manmohan Singh is the leader of the cabinet but the ministers have their own agenda and do not consider Manmohan Singh as their leader who needs to be listened to and followed. Earlier A Raja and later Pranab Mukherjee followed their own agenda without bothering whether it is in line with the Prime Minister’s vision or not. This was a serious case of insubordination.

Lessons learnt:

Lessons learnt A leader is ultimately responsible for his team. He/she cannot get away by blaming his team members. The buck stops at him. He/she has the power to check , instruct, direct or remove the team members who are not following the same vision and taking ownership

No Action Talk only:

No Action Talk only A person is judged by his action not words. Manmohan Singh has assured several time of taking ahead reforms and checking the inflation but every time he has to either postpone or drop them. The latest tweet from PMO office mentioned unleashing of the animal spirit but the ground action is still missing. There is indecisiveness and confusion on how to move forward.

Lessons learnt:

People will take you at face value once or twice after that your action/outcome will define your reputation and credibility. It is better to be good in implementation and execution as this is reality. Rest is just a piece of paper whether it is a plan, report or analysis etc. Lessons learnt

If a leader sneezes.. the team catches the cold:

If a leader sneezes.. the team catches the cold Once the bureaucrats and the officials realized that the PM is weak, indecisive and not in control they also became reluctant in taking decisions as they realized that PM will not be able to protect them. The role /functions of the PM was taken over by Supreme court who ordered probes, monitored investigation of wrong doing and then give punishment to the accusers

Lessons Learnt:

Lessons Learnt The leader is overall responsible for his team members actions and sins of omission and commission. The team members look up to their leader for direction, inspiration and guidance. If a leader appears to be weak, indecisive or not in control then the team member sense it and then act accordingly.

Responsibility without authority calls for disaster:

Responsibility without authority calls for disaster Manmohan Singh as Prime Minister of India is responsible for governance but unfortunately has very little authority to carry out the changes required to carry out good governance. Manmohan Singh as a renowned economist knows what is wrong with the country and what should he do/not do ..but his hands are tied and he cannot take any decisions whether it is on the policy front or reducing subsidy or pulling up his team.

Lessons Learnt:

Lessons Learnt Being a leader who is expected to perform without being given required authority to perform is a disaster waiting to happen. If you become a leader or appoint a leader make sure that you or that person has adequate authority to take action or make changes to achieve the required goals.

A Leader is as good as his/her team:

A Leader is as good as his/her team Manmohan Singh enjoys the reputation of having unimpeachable integrity and honesty . But the irony is that under his regime some of the worst scams have occurred whether it is the ISRO scam, CVC controversy, ISRO, 2G Telecom, Commonwealth Games etc . Due to coalition constraints and Sonia Gandhi ‘s powerful presence most of the cabinet ministers and senior bureaucrats are imposed on Manmohan Singh .

Lessons Learnt:

Lessons Learnt If a person is appointed as a leader but has no say in the team selection , he/she will not be respected and there will not be any common vision and ownership of the team members.

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