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By: halluml95 (113 month(s) ago)

a good powerpoint colours do work well maybe you could add a few option's :)

By: Katieee (113 month(s) ago)

I like yours and all the colour went together well but not everyone likes horses (:

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We make life worth living, Living life to the max Red Letter day Horse Experiences.

About Our Days? : 

About Our Days? Red Letter Days are simple as long as you know roughly what type of experience you are after. Red letter days offer a range of gifts and ideas. But this one is special. This site has a specific type of experience and gifts. Its all to do with horses and the experiences you can have with them! All you have to do is follow the links and find the most suitable experience for you or your desired person. Once you have selected your chosen experience or gift(s) click on GO TO TILL. By doing this you can purchase your items and then choose your desired time and date for the item(s) to be delivered or to be full filled!

The first horse experience available is all to do with loaning a horse/pony for a day. This will include all the grooming, riding, facts, feeding how to put a bridle/saddle on. It will also include the not so fun stuff like poo picking! Yuck!!!! When you sign up to this experience you will be able to decide what type of horse/pony you would like to look after. This experience is suitable for all ages, male or female. This experience can be used for beginners, novice and even advanced. This is perfect if you are not able to purchase your own or want to see what it is like to own and look after your own horse. To purchase this item click on the link Buy now. Buy now!

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The 2nd experience available to you is the being able to go to a real horse show. This horse show is not just any show, its the one….. the only……Olympia! Olympia is where all the five star horses and riders go to compete for a title. Some do dressage some do jumps. There are loads of ways to get a medal or trophy. These horses are not your average day type of horse. These horses have long names and fancy saddles. But all of them look stunning. Just imagine you could be in the arena watching this amazing performance! To purchase this item click on the link Buy now. Buy now! Experience 3 Sponsors

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With this experience there are two ways to enjoy it. First, if you are a laid back relaxed type of person this is just right for you. You can be sitting on the beach watching the horses splashing about in the sea. But if you are more of a action packed kind of person this also could be a great experience for you. This experience would include riding bare back in the sea, galloping up the beach, the waves in your faces feeling the breeeeze!!!! After a fun day the two types of people would coi liove pooo !me back put the horses away and cuddle up with a nice warm camp fire. Toasty…….. To purchase this item click on the link Buy now. Buy now!

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These are some of the companies that sponsor Red Letter Days and the special experience to do with horses.

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Hoof Key tool in picking a horses hoof! Perfect For Split hoofs. Corns. Quarter cracks. Hard, dry, brittle, tender, and contracted feet.

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Are you looking for a horse to loan/buy. Maybe your Looking for a trailer. A great site to look at is

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Thank you for purchasing a gift or experience. Please call the following number to confirm and receive a receipt and email confirming your booking. Or Fill In Form.

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If you experience any problems while using Red Letter Days please call this number 02362496180. If you just are confused and just need some help please call the number above and one of the employees will help you navigate around the site. Many thanks Red Letter Days

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