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Harry Houdini : 

Harry Houdini By: Dylan Goddard

Born: March 24, 1874 Died: October 31, 1926(Halloween) : 

Born: March 24, 1874 Died: October 31, 1926(Halloween)

His real Name : 

His real Name Harry Houdini was not only known as Harry Houdini because his real name was actually Ehrich Weisz.

His Family : 

His Family His Fathers was Mayer (Mayo) Samuel Weiss His Mother was Cecilia Steiner And he had six siblings named Herman M., Nathan J. Weiss, Gottfried William Weiss, Theodore Weiss, Leopold D. Weiss, and Gladys Carrie Weiss.

Where he lived : 

Where he lived Harry was born in a town called Budapest located in Hungary. Though he said that he was born in Appleton, Wisconsin. He immigrated with his family to the United States on July 3, 1878 at the age of four.

His Career : 

His Career Some may think that Houdini was only a magician but that is not true. He was also a Jewish Hungarian-American magician and escapologist, stunt performer, actor and film producer, as well as a skeptic and investigator of spiritualists. The reason why we all think he is just a magician is because he enjoyed it and spent most of his time doing it more then the other things he did.

His Career Continued : 

His Career Continued The first time Houdini preformed magic, it turned out to little success. He only did some shows at museums and some sideshows. He later mostly did card tricks and got the name “King of Cards”. After this, he started to perform his tricks that we know off today, escape acts.

Escape act 1904 : 

Escape act 1904 Houdini was challenged to escape from a pair of special handcuffs that claimed had taken Nathaniel Hart, a locksmith from Birmingham, five years to make. Houdini accepted the challenge. He used a screen to make sure no one saw how he escapes from them. It is said that the event took more then an hour to complete. Some 56 minutes later, Houdini's wife appeared on stage and gave him a kiss. It is believed that in her mouth was the key to unlock the special handcuff. Houdini then went back behind the curtain. After an hour and ten minutes, Houdini emerged free. Houdini later said it was the most difficult escape of his career.

“The Milk Can” Escape : 

“The Milk Can” Escape Houdini created his own invention in 1908 called The Milk Can escape. In this escape, Houdini would be handcuffed and sealed inside an over sized milk can filled with water and make him escape behind a curtain. The escape was a success. Later on, Houdini modified the milk can escape to be locked in a wooden chest.

Houdini’s Death : 

Houdini’s Death Houdini died of peritonitis secondary to a ruptured appendix. Though some still say that he was killed accidentally by a McGill University student, J. Gordon Whitehead, who delivered multiple blows to Houdini's abdomen(with permission)when Houdini said that it would not hurt him while he was in Montreal, but Houdini was not ready yet and was still hit repeatedly in the stomach which is another theory of his death.

Houdini’s Death continued : 

Houdini’s Death continued There was actually an eyewitness that stated 'Houdini was reclining on his couch after his performance, having an art student sketch him. When Whitehead came in and asked if it was true that Houdini could take any blow to the stomach, Houdini replied groggily in the affirmative. In this instance, he was hit three times, before Houdini could tighten up his stomach muscles, to avoid serious injury. Whitehead reportedly continued hitting Houdini several times afterwards, and Houdini acted as though he were in some pain.‘ Houdini said that if he had the time to get ready, he would have been in a better position to take the blows.

Funeral : 

Funeral Houdini's funeral was held on November 4, 1926, in New York. Over 2,000 people showed up to show their respects to the well known and great magician Harry Houdini.

Sources : 

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