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Distribute online your powerpoints, word, pdf, videos and photo with an incredible professionnal application with a great look and feel. In one click, get your offline and your iPad application to share your marketing document everywhere


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PowerPoint Presentation:

1 1 1

PowerPoint Presentation:

2 2 Introduce and Distribute your marketing materials more efficiently

The THREE Observations:

3 3 The THREE Observations

The marketing department produced a lot of electronic documents:

4 4 The marketing department produced a lot of electronic documents 1 Power Point presentation Technical Data Sheet in PDF Brochure in PDF Photography Video 360 Visits, etc

Some Equipment not always compatible with each other ... :

5 5 Some Equipment not always compatible with each other ... 2 Some examples: Some videos producted on PC does not always open on a Mac While the videos in "Flash" that open on a desktop computer on the Internet should open the door on an iPad

Access to documents is not always easy for our contacts:

6 6 Access to documents is not always easy for our contacts 3 Some files hidden under several layers of folders Unavailable appropriate softwares (eg Powerpoint Not always on the Mac) Need to jump between applications to access different types of files (eg for the QuickTime video, Acrobat PDF, Powerpoint presentations)

A new approach:

7 7 A new approach

PowerPoint Presentation:

8 1. Distribute your marketing files within a single application on a web, desktop or mobile, and 2. Open the files inside the application 8 REYNER MEDIA CENTRE

Who uses our technology?:

9 Who uses our technology? Le Touessrok (Ile Maurice) O ne of the most luxurious hotels in the world Kanuhura (Maldives) On the list of "Conde Nast Traveller's Gold List" in 2009 Groupe Naiade (Maintenant LUX* hotels) Hotel chain leader in Mauritius, Maldives and Reunion island. Sealegs (Nouvelle Zélande) A unique patented amphibious craft Volteis by STARCK (France) Electric vehicle designed by Philippe Starck 9

Move beyond the conventional tools:

10 10 Move beyond the conventional tools

The interactive demo:

11 11 The interactive demo CONSTANCE PROJECT Hotel group with luxury Hotels Mauritius, Seychelles and the Maldives LAUNCH DEMO [Internet connection required] [ ]

PowerPoint Presentation:

12 12 Immersion in the universe of your brand mark with subtle animations and a simple menu to access your documents Easy and intuitive access to your documents

PowerPoint Presentation:

13 13 All documents open in the same application ... your application Photo Gallery PDF, as Technical data sheets Virtual book, ideal for brochures

PowerPoint Presentation:

14 14 Powerful features to distribute your documents

The correct application For every situation:

15 15 The correct application For every situation APPLICATIONS ON MAC OR WINDOWS COMPUTERS Enter from a CD ROM or USB on Mac or Windows - An excellent presentation tool on exhibition stands ON THE WEB Use it to show your products to all visitors on your mini site AND / OR as a tool to share documents with your resellers and partners IPAD The perfect sales tools



PowerPoint Presentation:

17 Step 1. Login to our CMS (Content Management Server) Step 2. Upload your documents in a few clicks Step 3. Publish and download applications (Web, Mac, Windows, iPad). 17 HOW DOES IT WORK??



PowerPoint Presentation:

19 We offer flexible solutions which can be easily adapted to your projects. Thank you for contacting us to develop together a solution which will answer in your best needs and your budgets. 19 HOW MUCH DOES IT COST?

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