Ferdinand Magellan

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Ferdinand Magellan:

Ferdinand Magellan 1519-1521

Magellan’s Life:

Magellan’s Life Ferdinand Magellan was possibly born in 1480 but we don’t know for sure. Magellan was born in northern Portugal. As a young man, Magellan fought as a soldier while Portugal seized different colonies in India and Africa. Magellan believed he could make it to the Spice Islands by finding a water route around South America. He convinced the king of Spain to support him by telling him that part of the Spice Islands were in Spanish territory. Magellan died 1521

Exploration and Achievements:

Exploration and Achievements Magellan visited The Philippines. He also found a water route to the Spice Islands by sailing around South America. He was the first to sail around or circumnavigate the world. Magellan visited the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Ocean also, he named the Pacific Ocean. “Pacific” means “peaceful” in Spanish.

The Voyage:

The Voyage Magellan explored from 1519-1521 Magellan left from Portugal, and he landed and was killed in the Philippines. Magellan’s crew finished the voyage without him.

Encounters with Natives:

Encounters with Natives Magellan had native encounters at the Philippines. The crews of the ships stayed at the Philippines for several weeks. He became friends with one of the native kings. Ferdinand and his crew fought in “wars” against the natives. He was killed by natives in 1521.


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