Christmas around the World

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Begin Christmas Around the World

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Which country has posadas at Christmas? Mexico Israel France NEXT

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This is supposed to be the spot where Jesus was born. In which country is it? Greece Egypt Israel NEXT

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Where is Christpsomo eaten at Christmas time? England Greece Italy NEXT

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“Good King Wenceslas” was a real king. In which country? Czechoslovakia Poland Russia NEXT

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In which country do Jola Sveinar or “Christmas Goblins” deliver presents? Iceland Sweden Finland NEXT

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Where will you find these Jonkunnu dancers at Christmas? South Africa Jamaica Peru NEXT

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This Christmas Tree can be seen at the Rockfeller Centre in NYC. In which country? Scotland Mexico USA NEXT

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In which country is St. Lucia’s Day celebrated on 13th December? Sweden Denmark Norway NEXT

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St. Nicholas delivers presents to Dutch children on 6th December. In which country? Ireland France Holland NEXT

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In which country do they have the Christmas tradition of the creche and santons? Spain France Austria NEXT

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Correct! Back to quiz

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