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Ancient China : 

Ancient China The Middle Kingdom

Geography : 

Geography isolated by natural barriers mountains, jungles, deserts led to belief that China was center of Earth, sole source of civilization some contact w/ traders and invaders

Geography : 

Geography Huang He (Yellow) River loess = fine yellow soil carried in the river loess settles, water level rises dikes built to keep river from overflowing

Huang He River : 

Huang He River

Shang China : 

Shang China 1650 – 1027 BCE centered on Huang He dynasty = ruling family kings ruled a small area, loyal clans held the rest

Shang China : 

Shang China social structure royal family/nobles artisans and merchants peasant farmers

Religion : 

Religion polytheistic “ancestor worship” believed gods wouldn’t respond to mere mortals spirits of great mortals can influence gods

Religion : 

Religion yin and yang balance of two forces yin = Earth, darkness, female, cool, wet yang = Heaven, light, male, warm, dry

Writing : 

Writing oldest examples found on oracle bones combination of pictographs, ideographs over 10,000 characters developed calligraphy writing united China

Oracle bone : 

Oracle bone

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