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BIGDATA Under the guidance of Mr. Jubilant J Kizhakkethottam HOD,Computer Science :

BIGDATA Under the guidance of Mr . Jubilant J Kizhakkethottam HOD,Computer Science Cijo Robert S7 CS


A simple definition: Any amount of data that's too big to be handled by one computer. Introduction

Why Big Data is Came to surface now :

Why Big Data is Came to surface now

Building a Big Data Platform :

Acquire A cquisition of big data must deliver low and predictable latency in both capturing data and in executing short, simple queries be able to handle very high transaction volumes. Organize Big data must be able to process and manipulate data in the original storage location; support very high throughput (often in batch) to deal with large data processing steps; and handle a large variety of data formats, from unstructured to structured . Analyze It support deeper analytics such as statistical analysis on a wider variety of data types stored in diverse systems and must be able to integrate analysis on the combination of big data and traditional enterprise data. Building a Big Data Platform

Solution Spectrum :

Solution Spectrum


Hadoop is a free, Java-based programming framework that supports the processing of large data sets in a distributed computing environment . HDFS is a virtual file system that looks like any other file system except than when you move a file on HDFS, this file is split into many small files, each of those files is replicated and stored on 3 servers for fault tolerance constraints Hadoop&HDFC

Map Reduce:

"Map" step: The master node takes the input, divides it into smaller sub-problems, and distributes them to worker nodes. A worker node may do this again in turn, leading to a multi-level tree structure. The worker node processes the smaller problem, and passes the answer back to its master node. "Reduce" step: The master node then collects the answers to all the sub-problems and combines them in some way to form the output – the answer to the problem it was originally trying to solve Map Reduce

PowerPoint Presentation:

Applications for Big Data Analytics Homeland Security Finance Smarter Healthcare Multi-channel sales Telecom Manufacturing Traffic Control Trading Analytics Fraud and Risk Log Analysis Search Quality Retail: Churn, NBO

Future of Big Data:

$15 billion on software firms only specializing in data management and analytics. This industry on its own is worth more than $100 billion and growing at almost 10% a year which is roughly twice as fast as the software business as a whole. In February 2012, the open source analyst firm Wikibon released the first market forecast for Big Data , listing $5.1B revenue in 2012 with growth to $53.4B in 2017 The McKinsey Global Institute estimates that data volume is growing 40% per year, and will grow 44x between 2009 and 2020. Future of Big Data

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