How to Forgive and Forget

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How to Forgive and Forget By Daniel Harper For more information visit

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It’s easy to be angry and bear grudges against a person who wronged us. We sometimes even get the urge to take revenge or get even. Although it can give you some sort of satisfaction, it can actually do more harm to you. That is because resentment can make a person unhealthy both in mind, body and spirit. But all of these can be avoided if you know how to forgive and forget. Read the tips below on how you can do it.   Pray . When a person harmed us or did something awful, most of the time bad words come out of our mouths. Doing so will only make things worse and fill your heart with anger. Instead, try saying a prayer for that person. Pray that this person finds true happiness so that he or she will stop hurting other people. Count your blessings . Focus on the things that you can be thankful about instead of the things or persons that make you angry. Hating someone is like putting yourself under someone else’s power that takes away your happiness. Avoid that from happening by focusing on your blessings and taking pride in it. At the end of the day, it’s the blessings that matters the most. Be thankful.

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  Learn from experience . If you find it difficult to forgive someone then at least try to learn from the bad experiences between you and that person. Learn as much as you can so that those things won’t happen again. Try to learn patience, compassion, faithfulness and open-mindedness. In time these will turn into strengths that can help you forgive. Stay positive . Just because you’re going through a tough time doesn’t mean that your whole life should go to that direction. Remind yourself that this is just a part of life and not your whole life. So let go of the bad moments and know that the best is yet to come. One day those negative thoughts and feelings will be replaced with positive ones and you’ll eventually be able to forgive.

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  Let go of resentment . As Carrie Fisher puts it, “Resentment is the poison you swallow hoping the other person will die. “ You should be aware that if you resent someone, you’re giving that person the power to control your emotions. It will only build up negative thoughts and feelings which you will eventually succumb to. Don’t give that person the power. Let go of resentment. Love yourself . It’s difficult to forgive someone if your heart is filled with hate, bitterness and anger. If this is the case then you will eventually turn into a hateful, bitter and angry person that needs to be forgiven as well. Start loving yourself so that it won’t happen to you. Know that you are a loving, happy, and passionate person that knows how to forgive.

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 Deliver a positive revenge . Yes, there is what you call a positive revenge that doesn’t inflict any kind of pain. All you have to do is go on with your life in happiness. That’s right, just be happy with what you have, with who you are and where you are. Live your life with a smile on your face because the best revenge is to show those who hurt you that you’re still having a good life. Eventually the bad experiences won’t matter to you anymore and you’ll be able to forgive. Being resentful and angry are signs of the weak because they let others take away their happiness. Be a bigger and stronger person by knowing how to forgive and forget. “To forgive is the highest, most beautiful form of love. In return, you will receive untold peace and happiness.” ~Robert Muller Are you really serious about becoming healthy mind, body and spirit and change your life once and for all! This Spiritual Transformation Course is 52 Lessons to Help You Connect to Spirit and Joy & Transform your Life Forever! Click Here! Is Your Understanding of Health Based on Outdated Ideas? Read on To Find Out The Truth About Your Mind, Body & Spirit, & How With The Right Techniques You Too Can Enjoy A Long, Happy & Productive Life Into Your 80’s, 90’s & Beyond… Click Here!

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