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Colombia : 

Colombia Xavier Smith

Map of Colombia! : 

Map of Colombia! Bogotá, Colombia

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Capital: Bogotá Location: Northern South America, between Panama and Venezuela. Population: 45,013,672 *July 2008 Religions: 90% Roman Catholic, 10% Other Natural Resources: Petroleum, coal, iron ore, emeralds, nickel, hydropower, copper, natural gas, & gold. Climate: Tropical along eastern plains and the coast, but cooler in the highlands. Language: Spanish Colombia! Demographic Information Of

Colombia’s History!Overview : 

Colombia’s History!Overview Colombia was among the three countries that formed due to the fall of Gran Colombia in 1830. Colombia’s flag shares major similarities between the Ecuadorian and Venezuelan flags, because their flags colors and symbols were all derived from Gran Columbia’s flag. (Right.) Gran Colombia’s real name was Colombia, but because it comprised of three countries and one province, (Panama) Colombia was called Great Colombia.

Places to Go! : 

Places to Go! Colombia is filled with beautiful artifacts and places that everyone is sure to enjoy! Art galleries Museums Ancient Churches open to Tourists. Planetariums

Places to See! : 

Places to See! Here is a picture of the tallest man made building in Miami, Colombia, beautifully lit with Colombia’s flag’s colors. Above is a picture of the Bogotá Planetarium (Bottom right) and a recently built bullfighting arena! (Top left)

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