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District Web re-designStakeholder Workshops February 2009 : 

District Web re-designStakeholder Workshops February 2009

Public Web Presence : 

Public Web Presence First impression to prospective employees, parents and students Represents priorities of enterprise or organizationto stakeholders

Public Web - Current Status : 

Public Web - Current Status Inconsistent navigation and design Content not organized for stakeholders No design standards or frameworks enforced Antiquated, inefficient methodologies Poor representation for organization of our stature Use case examples

Best Practice Examples : 

Best Practice Examples Effective organization and navigation by role Design, Ease of use Orange County Public Schools Plano Independent School District Effective use of media to engage and inform Interactivity, Innovation, Content Gonzaga University

Slide 5: 

Reorganize current District Web content by implementing a Web Publishing System that will provide standards, governance and support for departments to publish content in a consistent, organized and efficient manner in order to better serve all stakeholders and represent the District as an efficient and cohesive organization .

Inefficiencies : 

Inefficiencies Department employees not free to focus on content for which they are experts Inconsistent design & navigation isconfusing to end users requiring support Work duplicated many times with departments going their own way

Goals : 

Goals Consistent design & navigation Effective organization of content Visually engaging Easily searchable Data driven web format Targeted communication Content publishing system

What’s in it for me? : 

What’s in it for me? Ability to focus on content Standardized template and tools Efficient utilization of staff resources Reduced cost Technical support Part of a cohesive organization

District Benefits : 

District Benefits Brand enrichment Satisfied end users Long term cost savings Collaboration

Next Steps… : 

Next Steps… Stakeholder Workshops Community Survey Initial Design Prototypes Initial Mock-Ups Prototypes Feedback Develop & Schedule Client Intakes

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