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Sorry guys so when I was looking for pictures of Bill and the crew from past, all I could find were pictures of Julie. Soo…… Here we go! :

Sorry guys so when I was looking for pictures of Bill and the crew from past, all I could find were pictures of Julie. Soo …… Here we go!

Glamour shot! :

Glamour shot!



HAT! :


Look at her guns! :

Look at her guns!

Ok Julie…I don’t know how many more I can do:

Ok Julie…I don’t know how many more I can do

Ok. I give up! :

Ok. I give up!

Just kidding! Here’s the real show!! Enjoy:

Just kidding! Here’s the real show!! Enjoy Please silence all cell phone, pagers, and prepare to smile.

What you have meant to us. :

What you have meant to us. Love the current, and past students of your ministry

1st ever camping trip :

1 st ever camping trip

Painting the Junior High Room:

Painting the Junior High Room

Sundaes from heaven!!!:

Sundaes from heaven!!!

1st ever Sundaes from heaven Junior High 2007 :

1 st ever Sundaes from heaven Junior High 2007

This awesome event has continued ever sense! :

This awesome event has continued ever sense! Senior high 2010

PowerPoint Presentation:

The family who plays together……..

Gets really messy together!! :

Gets really messy together!!

The fun never stopped as every thanksgiving we had Thanksgiving in a blender…..:

The fun never stopped as every thanksgiving we had Thanksgiving in a blender…..

Bill always made us feel special on our birthdays. :

Bill always made us feel special on our birthdays.

As we grew together we served in Jamaica :

As we grew together we served in Jamaica Pictures from the 2009 and 2011 trips.

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At the airport

Serving Others :

Serving Others

Scavenger Hunt:

Scavenger Hunt

Back packing 2010:

Back packing 2010

Trip 2007 :

Trip 2007

Repelling :


Ice Blocking:

Ice Blocking

PowerPoint Presentation:

Is your backside cold yet??

Summer barbeque!! :

Summer barbeque!!



Sky Diving with Brendon:

Sky Diving with Brendon

Our fearless leader goes across the world to serve in Nepal :

Our fearless leader goes across the world to serve in Nepal

Shooting Range 2012:

Shooting Range 2012

Charlie's Angels :

Charlie's Angels

Summer Trip 2012:

Summer Trip 2012 Silver Cliff Ranch

Things got off to a rough start…..:

Things got off to a rough start…..

But we always make a difficult situation fun! :

But we always make a difficult situation fun!

I’m sexy and I know it!! :

I’m sexy and I know it!!

Abby and Callie :

Abby and Callie

Ropes Course!!!!! :

Ropes Course!!!!!

Learning what to do :

Learning what to do

Lower Course :

Lower Course

Getting ready for the high ropes. :

Getting ready for the high ropes. Callie look Asian!

Where’s Callie?:

Where’s Callie?

Even the old man participated! :

Even the old man participated!

Brandon doing it up!! :

Brandon doing it up!!

You go girl! So proud of you! :

You go girl! So proud of you!

Skittles Tournament :

Skittles Tournament

Youth Group on Sundays :

Youth Group on Sundays

Memories :


Kevin’s Memory :

Kevin’s Memory My favorite memory of Bill was from when I was in middle school, and Bill was watching me for a weekend while my parents were out of town. They had paid him some money for his time, but instead of keeping the money (which I'm sure he could have used as he was a poor college student) he spent the money to do fun things with me. He took me rock climbing, to dinner with some of his friends, Frisbee golfing, and to a game night with his friends. It was an amazing example of selflessness and generosity that showed me what it really means to be a Christian man.

Julie’s Memory :

Julie’s Memory My Story of Bill, The epic tale of Happy Meal in a Blender: I have no idea where Bill comes up with these ideas but its amazing . Who would have thought that blending a happy meal would excite so many teenagers to drink it. Bill would. We watched carefully as he added all of the ingredients and then I believe it was Christina Kevin and I who were crazy enough to drink it. I won! So as a reward I got to shave off his Mohawk!!! Best day ever. Soon to be followed by thanksgiving in a blender, sundaes from heaven, one game where we ate baby food and burped into our partners face where they had to guess the flavor. We love you Bill!

Ben’s Memory :

Ben’s Memory Some of my favorite Bill memories come from the backpacking trips we went on while I was in the youth. These trips brought my bear master nick name and many fond memories. The first trip had Justin, Jeramy , and me attending and was a great time, but for the second trip I was the only youth signed up. After it became clear none of the others could come my mother asked Bill if he instead wanted to make this trip more of a leader get away, but Bill insisted I go. This trip shows a few of the qualities I value most in Bill. The first of these is his love for schenanigans as on this trip we attempted to make bear noises and scare poor Sarah, but also his willingness and love of his work, his students, and the time he spent with each of us.

Ben’s Memory Cont. :

Ben’s Memory Cont. Bill always has and always will be there for us with a high five, root beer float, or anything else we may need. Over the years there have been many times where anywhere from 0-20+ students would show up, but we always knew that no matter what Bill would be there and he would be ready to talk to us about anything. Bill has been there with me through great physical pain (I.E. Jamaica), emotional struggles, and spiritual growth. Bill will always hold a special place in my heart, and I know that he has a great future ahead of him. I remember his first night at Trinity, and I have seen him grow so much over the last few years. Bill is a great man of God and I know his future will be full of great works for the Lord.

Brittany’s Memory :

Brittany’s Memory One of my favorite memories with Bill was when we drove past this University (or museum or something) and there were all these crazy stick constructions outside. Both Bill and I thought they looked really cool and wanted to take pictures with them. Nobody else wanted to come so the two of us pulled over, left everyone else in the car, ran across the street, and took pictures of these weird things for about 10 minutes. It was hilarious! ~Brittany

Maren’s Memory :

Maren’s Memory Hanging out early with Bill, For some reason I always got to DERT before everyone else, so for a while it would just be me and Bill. This one time Bill had this ball and we were sitting in the prayer garden and he throws it to me and says, "Were going to play this game, it's a category game, no repeats. The first category is colors." Bill won the first one so I picked the next. I picked Disney characters. I won and I'm thinking that he's going to pick something else like sports, and he says "Disney songs." Honestly the first thing that went through my head was "YOU FOOL!" I ,of course, schooled him; but we had a good time. So I guess my favorite memories with Bill would be those times when no one else was there and we really just played stupid games and talked.

Brandon’s memory :

Brandon’s memory Golfing with Bill So there are many stories I could tell about Bill whether they be from Crossroads, Snow Bound, High altitude, Dare to Share or even just a regular youth group meeting. The hard thing to do while telling a story about Bill is that you can never just tell one and once u get going it is really hard to stop, never the less I will give it a shot. A few years ago Bill got his hands on some golf clubs and he was looking for someone to use them with. One day after school he drops by my school and asks if I would want to go hit a bucket of balls. I figure spending time with Bill is better than starting all of my homework. I regret to say that I have never been golfing nor had I ever tried to hit a golf ball before and neither had Bill. Our plan just screamed good idea.

Brandon memory cont.:

Brandon memory cont. We arrived at the golf course grabbed our bucket of balls and walked over to the t-off area thingy. With neither off us having any golf experience we just did what they did in the movies, shake your butt a little before you swing and just let it go. All of this was easier said than done. If we hit the ball we were lucky to get it to go more than 20 feet. However Bill did happen to hit one ball that went for more than 20 feet it was just in the wrong direction. When Bill hit that ball he sliced it into one of the giant wooden columns that holds up the net to keep all of the golf balls in, the ball proceeded to rickshaw back at all of the people standing around. The ball narrowly missed hitting one lady but that is not the worst of I the ball bounced off the concrete and got it second wind and went right into the parking lot. The parking lot was filled with nice cars ranging anywhere from a Camaro to a Mustang, and as the ball was coming down to earth for the second time it narrowly missed one of these nice cars. The woman gave Bill a lecture in a high pitched sequel, after this we figured it was time to go so we packed up the clubs and headed out. On that day I learned three things one I would never be good at golf two Bill is worse than I am when it comes to golf and three not even playing golf with Bill is boring.

PowerPoint Presentation:

I loved working with Bill. He was wise, insightful, and a man of genuine faith and integrity. He was kind. He was funny...in a really good way! He was strong and adventurous. He rallied the kids for many an adventure, sharing his love of the mountains and his joy for community and friendship with them. A well-timed shoulder squeeze from Bill reminded you that you weren't alone in this world. His prayers carried you into God's presence. His comments demonstrated his openness and deep thought. Bill is going to be an amazing pastor! Well...for that matter... he already is . ~Beth Hoyt

Jenna’s Memory :

Jenna’s Memory Bill is the kind of guy that could always make me laugh. The funniest memory I have was just one random day at DERT. Brittany and I came right before 7 as usual and we went down to the basement and sat down, and someone had brought pizza. I grab a piece, take a bite, and Bill and Larry start up a conversation about drugs and how bad they are. Instead of telling us that drugs were bad and we should stay away from them Bill decides to say that if he was going to try any drug it would be mushrooms because it was the most natural. I was so shocked I almost choked up the pizza. Leave it to Bill to not be afraid to start up a conversation that no one would ever dream of having with teenagers. :-P

Izzy’s Memories :

Izzy’s Memories My favorite memory is definitely driving with Bill to small groups. All I specifically remember is discovering Family Force 5's Love Addict and playing it from the time we left to the time we arrived, but I know we talked about some pretty deep stuff. He really help me become part of D3RT and understand what it was all about. He has a true gift of being able to connect to anybody, and I know he'll continue to share that gift wherever he goes. I really enjoyed hanging out with him each time I saw him.

Izzy memory Continued :

Izzy memory Continued Also, the No- Speaka challenges. One day at Yogurtland , I was talking about how it really frustrated me when people would come into my work and get mad at me for not speaking their language. So Bill decided to come in and act out scenarios with the rare use of sound-effects until I could understand what he wanted. It was hilarious, and I hope he demonstrates immediately following this slide show. Just another way he helps us all.

Lauren’s Memory:

Lauren’s Memory My favorite memory was going to Yogurtland with Bill and my sister. Partially because I really like Yogurtland , but mainly because Bill made me laugh a lot. He's just overall a fantastic individual who cares so much and so genuinely about everybody, and he's really helped me through some very hard times.

Peter Washburn’s Memory :

Peter Washburn’s Memory I remember when Bill first came to Trinity, the thing that stands out about what he told us is something that a good man told him. He said if I leave here and you love me more than you love God then I have failed to do my job. Bill never stopped loving, he never stopped caring, he never stopped giving. Bill showed everyone that I know , including myself, that it is through the way that we love which teaches others the love of the Father. Bills job has only just begun, as I know that Bill will forever show the love and Christ, and as John the Baptist, he will decrease so that Christ may increase .

PowerPoint Presentation:

Bill Remembrances—Where to begin, there are so many …. Like “no shave November”, which my son Stefan, who didn’t even have Bill as a leader, really took to heart. It turned into “no shave ever” and he earned the nickname Yeti in high school. Or Bill shaving his head instead of his chin, which, of course, Brendon—who did have Bill as a leader—had to emulate. Not Brendon’s best look, but funny enough one he is currently sporting if not completely by his choice. Or the invitation to CCU to watch young adults chug a gallon of milk, only to vomit it back up over the balcony of the dorm room. (Took a non-Christian friend of Brendon’s to witness said event—still wondering if we damaged him for life .) Or odd and unique activities with various foods—tossing pumpkins off of the church roof; long distance spam flinging with slingshots; mixing all the food groups together in a blender and drinking it; contests involving marshmallows crammed in mouths or who can eat the most disgusting or hottest food and not throw up; and, my personal favorite, sundaes from heaven. Or lighting various incendiary devices/gases in the church with Pete and Tom—I believe this led to the first “mom-veto” of things that “were not such a good idea in youth group ”. Or Capture the Flag, which resulted my first ever broken bone, which led to my first and only surgery.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Or Great Escape—meetings scheduled by Bill for the leaders, but the guys never turned up where they were suppose to and then subsequently blamed the girls for not listening. However, what I will remember most about Bill, is that he was Brendon’s Sunday School and Youth Group leader for 7 years. He was a young Christian man, role modeling, guiding and teaching my son how to become a Godly man. Bill spent time outside of Sundays to form a positive and influencing relationship with Brendon and was always game for anything that Brendon wanted to do; rock climbing, paint balling, and sky diving to name a few. Bill has greatly impacted the lives of many young people and has helped my son become who he is today—someone who chooses to do the right thing and not the easy thing. (By the way, anything Brendon does that I don’t approve of, I’m blaming on Bill!) Best of luck, I know you’ll do great wherever you go! Much love and appreciation, Monika , better known as Momika

Goodbye Bill. We will miss you very much! Good luck at seminary! <3:

Goodbye Bill. We will miss you very much! Good luck at seminary! <3

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