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Many Students though spend lot of time in studies but they don't score well. The main reason for this poor performance is because they follow wrong study methods. SQ3R is a very popular method. It is about how students should study to score well in exams.


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This is how generally students read!!!!!!

SQ3R : 

SQ3R A reading technique to improve attention and recall!

SQ3R Technique : 

SQ3R Technique Advantages Organized and systematic for recording and reviewing notes. Easy format for pulling out major concept and ideas. Simple and efficient. Saves time and effort. "Do-it-right-in-the-first-place system.“ Disadvantages None When to Use In any lecture situation.

SQ3R Steps : 

SQ3R Steps Survey Question Read Recite Review

SQ3R Steps : 

SQ3R Steps First Surveying the reading, Next ask yourself questions about what you want to learn from the reading, Then read the assignment in manageable 15 minute blocks Then recite to yourself the information that you have learned By review the reading and class notes you can improve attention and recall.

Survey : 

Survey You need to know the general picture of what is to be read before you can meaningfully understand and make intelligent decisions about the its details. Conduct a survey of reading assignments in order to get the best possible overall picture of what you are going to study (before you study it).

How do I Survey? : 

How do I Survey? Check out / skim the Chapter Summary This helps in assessing how difficult the material is; How much do you know already … how much are you seeing for the first time? Scan the section Headings What can you learn about how the material is organized, or about what concepts the author thinks are more or less important …   Look through the Diagrams/Figures/Graphics Which diagrams, figures or graphics help you to remember material presented in lecture? Copy good examples to include with your notes. Create a list of important figures on a note card

Question : 

Question Emphasizes importance of asking questions for learning. People seem to remember what they learn in answer to a question better than things just read or memorized. Questions give purpose to our learning. After you’ve surveyed your reading assignment, come up with some questions you want to find the answers to once you read the assignment.

Read the assignment : 

Read the assignment Read actively - read in order to answer the questions that have been raised in your mind. Take a break every 15 minutes and take 5 minutes to take notes and summarize what you’ve just read in your own words to check for understanding and to maintain your focus.

Reading tips : 

Reading tips Do I have to read it all?? Remember: You don’t have to read the material in chronological order – you can skip & move around – for example, unlike a mystery novel that you would read from first to last page (avoiding the temptation to read the ending), go for it with a chapter or textbook - read the summary/conclusion first (to preview what you’re about to read).   Prioritize your reading – survey the parts you may already know (or may have been discussed in lecture) and identify the parts that are really new to you (or may have been confusing in lecture). Make the new and/or confusing parts a priority and read them first (while your mind is focused and alert). Save the familiar material for later or skip it if you know it well.

Recite : 

Recite Recitation is an effective device for learning while reading a book. The only way you can really find out what you have remembered and understood from your reading is to recite to yourself. To make sure that you understand and remember, you should stop periodically and try to recall to yourself what you have read. This keeps your mind from wandering too much and your eyes from going on auto pilot (reading with no recall).

Review : 

Review Review is a survey of what one has already studied. This look over all of the notes from the reading assignment and class notes. You should review every time you finish reading. Limit reading sessions to max 4 hours. Take a 5 minute break every 15 minutes. What was that I just read?

SQ3R : 

SQ3R A reading technique to improve attention and recall!

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