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Parason Group is one of the largest manufacturer & Supplier of pulp and paper machinery. Parason started its first research unit for pulp and paper machinery.


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PARASON MACHINERY (I) PVT. LTD. Parason… leader in stock preparation

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A grand service to Paper World PARASON Machinery (India) Pvt. Ltd In twelve years 1500 TDRs commisioned A landmark in history Biggest producer of quality refiner plates Sleeves, impeller, Shaft Vital parts of pulp & Paper M/c with sound metallurgy

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DR.DESARADA A Master Mind and Leader in Engineering

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We are in service to the paper world for more than two decades Many feathers in our cap

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GOING GLOBAL PARASON England China France Italy Thailand Taiwan Philippines Indonesia Malaysia Vietnam UAE Egypt Syria Lebanon Jordan Kuwait South Africa Swaziland Kenya Tanzania Australia Bangladesh Pakistan Nepal

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Domestic Marketing Network New Delhi Calcutta Coimbatore Ahmedabad Vapi Aurangabad

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Quality Manufacturers of Refiner Segments Sizes from dia 12” TO 64 “

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Patterns Samples and Applications Pattern for coarse refining:

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Patterns Samples and Applications Pattern for fine refining:

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Patterns Samples and Applications Pattern for single stage refining:

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Patterns Samples and Applications Pattern for stock preparation:

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Patterns Samples and Applications Pattern for lab refiner:

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Quality Manufacturers of Full Circle Refiner Plates Sizes from dia 12” TO 64 “

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CONICAL TACKLES in various sizes 1R / 2R / 3R

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WIDE ANGLE In various sizes 1R / 2R / 3R

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JC-0 SERIES CUTTING LENGTH SF - Short Fiber Fine SM - Short Fiber Medium SC - Short Fiber Coarse LF - Long Fiber Fine LM - Long Fiber Medium LC - Long Fiber Coarse FS - Fibrillating Short FL - Fibrillating Long TM - Trimming Medium TC - Trimming Coarse NO LOAD POWER FOR CON-FLO REFINER JC – 01 900 rpm 40 kw 1000 rpm 50 kw JC – 02 600 rpm 42 kw 660 rpm 55 kw 720 rpm 75 kw 750 rpm 90 kw

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PARASON JC0 SERIES REFINER FILLINGS Made from high strength, tough and corrosion resistant Stainless steel alloy. Uniform wear ensuring longer life. Precision engineering to ensure consistent quality and Superior performance. PARASON innovation of ERP that is edge retention Property makes the application unique and offers energy Saver design.

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PARASON JC-0 SERIES REFINER FILLINGS PARASON offers cast conical fillings for all models of JC-0 refiners. Large number of patterns with thick to thin bars suitable for different refining applications. The fillings are with PARASONS inovation ERP property which ensures efficient refining life with lower energy consumption. PARASON can fulfil the demand of the industry irrespective of size and model with custom design.

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Parason offers conical deflaker fillings for all sizes, configuration and applications. Fillings are tailor made to customers Requirement. Fillings are cast in stainless Steel alloy ensuring resistance to wear, Abrasion and corrosion with ERP property. PARASON CONICAL DEFLAKERS

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Made in perfect profiles Buffed to fine finish. Dynamically balanced Made from Impa Cast Alloy IMPELLORS

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BED PLATE AND IMPELLORS Hi-stability accurate hole diameters, burrfree and Smooth surface.

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The Geometry, profiles, curvatures and large surface area of Rotor transmit fibre friction due to Hi-consistency. This process leaves the contaminants uncut & helps to retain the fibre in its original shape. PARASON HI-CON PULPER ROTOR

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HARDENED SLEEVES Centrifugally cast in martensitic stainless steel metallurgy. Corrossion resistant Ground finished ID to H7 & OD to F7 tolerence

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CERAMIC COATED SLEEVES Hardness RC 55 Op. Temperature 1090 Deg. C Colour Grey Excellent abrasive wear resistance Good Resistance to heat & cavitation Outstanding corrosion resistance Good electrical insulation properties COATING IN ALUMINIUM OXIDE

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CERAMIC COATED SLEEVES COATING IN CHROME OXIDE Hardness RC 65 Op. Temperature 540 Deg.C Colour Black Outstanding corrosion resistance

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Quality is our policy...Excellence our aim...

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CNC machine for perfect profiles, Dimensional accuracy,Fast delivery

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Material Specification

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Standard sample of Alloy 1 C 0.43-0.47 Cr 12-14% Ni 0.90-1.10 Mo 0.5-0.7

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Standard sample of Alloy2 C 0.90-1.10 Cr 15.5-17.5 Ni 1.50-1.70 Mo 0.70-0.80

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Standard sample of Alloy3 C 0.90-1.10 Cr 17.5-18.5 Ni 1.60-1.85 Mo 0.70-0.90

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Standard sample of Alloy4 C 2.3 – 3.0 Cr 23 - 28 Ni 1.50 Mo 1.50

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Standard sample of Alloy5 C 2.5 – 3.0 Cr 1.4 – 4.0 Ni 3.3 – 5.0 Mo 0.5 – 1.0

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Standard sample of MnSteel C 1.0-1.2 Mn 12-14 Si 1.0 P&S 0.04 Max

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Microhardness indentation showing phase hardness

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Casting is done by using the latest technology to provide the best condition for the alloys in temp., time, melting technique. To determine the best suited alloys much consideration is given to errosion, corrosion , wear resistence and toughness in accordance with use of refiner plates.

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Sophisticated heat-treatment facilities with recorders and controllers ensures homogeneous microstructure of the plates

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PLASMA CUTTING The runner & riser are cut through most modern machine ie, Plasma arc machine where arc is able to cut it with fine finish without increasing the job.

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Heavy duty precision Surface Grinders enables to grind complete circle at one time and ensures perfect parallelism of both surfaces of disc.

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HARDNESS TESTER Hardness of each and every plate is checked to ensure consistent performance of disc. Quality is our first priority

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DYNAMIC STATIC BALANCING MACHINE Balancing refiner plates is of critical importance. Our electronic balancing system provides a level of precision second to none in the industry.

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STATIC BALANCING MACHINE We consider balancing a most important factor to avoid vibration of full application while mounting on the base plate or back plate. We have facility to do Dynamic or Static balancing SCHENCK-Germany

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MICROSCOPE Microscope and Image analyser (Lieca-Germany) a metallurgical microscope is used to ensure that refiner plates confirm to our strict standards for material.

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SPECTROMETER A spark spectrometer (Hilger-UK) is used for precised checking of material i.e., 20 elements in 20 seconds

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Thank You For Your Attention

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contact details: Parason House 28, venkatesh nagar, Jalna road, Aurangabad 431 001 Maharashtra, India Phone : +91-240-66 44 444 +91-240-2339234-37 Web Site : Email :

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