Nutrition in Plants

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Nutrition in Plants

1. Introduction 2. Nutrition 3. Autotrophic nutrition and heterotrophic nutrition 4. other modes of nutrition in plants:

1. Introduction 2. Nutrition 3. Autotrophic nutrition and heterotrophic nutrition 4. other modes of nutrition in plants Content


Introduction All living organisms, despite their great diversity in shapes and sizes, show similarity in their activities. They all have to eat, digest their food, derive energy, etc. The basic activities which all living organisms perform are known as life processes . Some examples for life processes are nutrition, respiration, growth, and so on.


Nutrition The process of consuming and utilizing food is called nutrition . The components of food which is necessary for our body are called nutrients. There are two modes of nutrition : Autotrophic nutrition Heterotrophic nutrition

Autotrophic nutrition:

Autotrophic nutrition The mode of nutrition in which organisms make their food themselves from simple substances is called autotrophic nutrition . The green plants are called autotrophic organisms or autotrophs . The autotrophs prepare their food through a process called photosynthesis .( photo = light, synthesis = to combine)

Heterotrophic nutrition:

Heterotrophic nutrition Heterotrophic nutrition refers to the nutrition derived from other organisms as in animals, fungi and some bacteria. Heterotrophic animals can be of three types : Herbivores – plant eating animals like cow. Carnivores – flesh eating animals like lion. Omnivores – those who eat both plants and animals, like humans.

Other modes of nutrition in plants:

Other modes of nutrition in plants a) Saprophytic – Feeding on dead and decaying organic matter. E.g. : Fungi, Mushroom, etc. Parasitic – Living on another organism and deriving food from that organism. The organism deriving food is called a parasite and the other organism, from which the food is derived from the parasite, is called the host. The parasites produce root-like structures called haustoria for absorbing food from the host. Example : Dodder, etc.

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c) Symbiotic – Two different organisms live together and both benefit each other. One of the examples are lichen. d) Insectivorous – Some plants feed on small insects. These plants are called Insectivorous plants. For example : Pitcher Plant, Sundew plant, and so on. Lichen Pitcher Plant

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