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Terrorism can be defined as " the deliberate creation of fear to bring out political change ” There are three perspectives of terrorism: the terrorist’s, the victim’s, and the general public’s. The phrase “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter” is a view terrorists themselves would accept. Terrorists do not see themselves as evil. They believe they are legitimate combatants, fighting for what they believe in, by whatever means possible

Who are terrorists?:

Who are terrorists? Terrorists can be anyone who believes in a cause strongly enough to commit violence to make a point.They can even be your neighbor next door.

What can we do about Terrorism:

What can we do about Terrorism The spread of terrorism world wide must be stopped through education. Education about the terrorist groups and why the terrorist incidents happen is crucial, so that these acts can be stopped before they happen. People worldwide need to join together in not allowing these criminals to use intimidation as a means of achieving their goals

Latest Terrorist Attack In Mumbai:

Latest Terrorist Attack In Mumbai Intention of the Attack To damage the financial capital of India To destroy Hotel Taj Mahal To Kill innocent people To destabilize Indian Economy To tell Indian Intelligence and security department that we are more intelligent and stronger than you

How is the situation now in Mumbai? :

How is the situation now in Mumbai? Mumbai is a place where strong people live and such activities will not stop them from their daily activities, its getting back to normal. How many came to Mumbai to take part in this event? As per the media information, 9 terrorists were killed and 1 captured live

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