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Dr. James Loreto C. Piscos:

Dr. James Loreto C. Piscos Functions of Art

Function in Art:

Function in Art Function means practical usefulness Art has the general function of satisfying: Our individual needs for personal expression Our social needs for display, communication and celebration 3. Our physical needs for utilitarian objects and structures

1. The Personal Function of Art:

1. The Personal Function of Art Vehicles for the expression and communication of feelings and ideas Therapeutic Value Defense against the many unpleasant and strident sounds and sights Art educate the senses and sharpen our perception of colors, forms, textures, designs, sounds, rhythms and harmonies in our environment


Personal… 5. Art offers the best insights into nature and human nature so that we gain a better understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

2. Social Functions of Art:

2. Social Functions of Art 1. it seeks or tends to influence the collective behavior of a people 2. It is created to be seen or used primarily in public situations 3. It expresses or describes social or collective aspects of existence as opposed to individual and personal kinds of experiences.

1. Influencing Social Behavior:

1. Influencing Social Behavior Art is an ideological tool Subliminal forms of social control shown especially in the political game in the Philippines It is use to ridicule people and institutions Religion capitalized the art in spreading faith and doctrines Advertisements, posters and billboards

2. Display and Celebration:

2. Display and Celebration a. statues and sculpture commemoration of the great people in the land almost all parks in the country had the statue of Rizal Imagine Edsa and the mural erected in the place b. Rituals and festivals employ arts be it Christmas, holy week, and any other celebrations

2. Display and Celebrations:

2. Display and Celebrations

3. Social Description:

3. Social Description Describing social milieu in a given particular context artifacts Serves as clues to the history of certain civilization and generation

Physical Functions of Art:

Physical Functions of Art Forms and Functions Chair is made where a body can sit comfortably Shape of spoon and fork based on its function 2. Architecture Design of building is determined by its operational function Example: Place of worship requires big hall Hotel/motel need for privacy

Physical Functions of Art:

Physical Functions of Art 3. Community Planning Assignment of land areas for proper land use Considerations are: Residential districts Industrial and commercial areas c. Civic centers locates government services d. Parks and malls e. Streets and roads

4. Function and Beauty:

4. Function and Beauty Consider the personality of the owner in building ahouse Consider the buildings nearby as in the case of Intramuros and Vigan Harmonious arrangement of various elements

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