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Monitoring social media and responding to your customers and prospects:

Monitoring social media and responding to your customers and prospects Stephanie Marx Social Media Marketing Manager, Global Social Media Marketing Cisco Systems @ steffymarx Marie Gassee Marketing Program Specialist Small Business Solutions Cisco Systems

Did You Know…:

78% of 18-34 year olds, 71% of 35-44 year olds, 59% of 45-54 year olds use social media 25% are equally likely to share their dissatisfaction with a company, brand or product via social media Harris Interactive, Harris Poll , June 2010 Did You Know…

Did You Know…:

Did You Know… 34% of Americans online have used social media to rant or rave about a company, brand, or product 38% aim to influence and 46% feel they can brutally honest on the internet Facebook fans are 28% more likely than non-fans to continue using a product 41% fans are more likely than non-fans to recommend to a friend Harris Interactive, Harris Poll , June 2010 Syncapse Corp, The Value of a Facebook Fan , June 2010

Why Social Matters:

Why Social Matters Is the new collaboration system between employees, customers and brands Most efficient listening and feedback-gathering channel available Accelerates word of mouth

PowerPoint Presentation:

Blogs Micromedia Social Networks Video sharing Geolocation Reviews & Ratings Customer Service Events Wikis Live-casting Photo sharing Music sharing Document sharing Social Bookmarking

Challenges and Goals:

Active Listening Program Social Media Marketing Customer Groundswell Social Media Online press Voice of the Customer Bloggers / I nfluencers Trade press Challenges and Goals

Social Listening and Engagement Journey:

Stage 5 Fully Engaged Stage 4 Impactful Stage 3 Operational Stage 1 Traditional Stage 2 Experimental Dabbling in listening occurs Initial understanding of conversation landscape Perceive potential benefits Still disconnected to business operations Share insights broadly Key players/responders identified Response and engagement E mbedded in business operations Executive sponsorship Listening and engagement drives real business results Cross-functional teams take consistent and timely action Listening data matched with traditional data for overall health of the brand Customer understanding comes from focus groups, surveys, or phone channel/support No concerted effort around social listening Source: Ant’s Eye View Social Listening and Engagement Journey

PowerPoint Presentation:

Active Listening and Engagement—Get Your Program in Place

Active Listening—A Continuous Process:

Active Listening—A Continuous Process Measure Analyze and track conversations, show business impact Monitor Discover real-time, relevant, impactful conversations Engage Active dialog with customers or prospects, track/tag comments for further use

Meet Tolly:

Meet Tolly PINT Is there a squirrel? Don ’ t listen Chase squirrel Is there a treat? Should I listen? Is there a treat AND a squirrel? Half listen Yes, listen Grab treat

Social Media Response Strategy:

Social Media Response Strategy Can you add value? Evaluate the purpose Respond in kind & share Thank the person Unhappy Customer? Dedicated Complainer ? Comedian Want-to-Be? Negative Positive Yes No Do you want to respond? No Response No Yes Take reasonable action to fix issue and let customer know action taken Are the facts correct? Gently correct the facts No No No Yes Are the facts correct? Does customer need/deserve more info? Yes Explain what is being done to correct the issue Yes Is the problem being fixed? Yes Let post stand and monitor No Yes No Yes Yes Assess the message This framework was built using the USAF Blog Triage

PowerPoint Presentation:

No One Wants to be Unpopular…

Gain Insights—Drive Business Results:

Find Fans and Advocates Discover Product Issues Crisis / Risk Management Product Development Feedback Competitive Insights Uncover Influencers Sales Leads Capture Industry Trends Message Penetration Social Strategy Emerging Themes Gain Insights—Drive Business Results

The Conversations About Cisco:

The Conversations About Cisco Total volume of mentions Mentions by media type Volume of mentions by topic Earnings Product Launch

Your Personal Compass Has Not Changed:

Your Personal Compass Has Not Changed You are responsible Abide by the rules Add value Be mindful Be honest Be respectful Be yourself Read : Cisco’s Social Media Guidelines

Cisco Small Business:

Cisco Small Business

Cisco Small Business Social Ecosystem:

Engagement: Participating in Relevant Conversations Cisco Small Business Social Ecosystem Search Tuning: Always Optimizing Paid and Organic Search Small Business blog SB Support Community Cisco.com Small Business Twitter Facebook YouTube LinkedIn Share This Co-Marketing Partner Leveraged Content Listening Station: Always Tuned To Online Conversations Passports Outposts Home Base Article Syndication 3 rd Party Sites Partner Central SB Newsletters Syndication Vehicles Bookmarking Ratings & Reviews Ratings & Reviews

Why Engage?:

Why Engage? Companies deeply engaged in social media grew revenues by 18% over last year… companies that were least engaged dropped 6% on average . Charlene Li, Founder, Altimeter Group July 2009 Report “ ENGAGEMENTdb ” 74% of small business decision makers rank pr oduct reviews as important/very important during their decision making Source: Usability Sciences SMB Technology Decision Making Study, Feb 2010 Helpful engagement at Intuit led to a 50% decrease in negative sentiment Source: Kira Wampler , Ant’s Eye View

Business Impact Through Active Listening:

Product Issues Advocates Sales and Lead Generation Product Announcement Leak Business Impact Through Active Listening

PowerPoint Presentation:

How The Process Works…

The Listening Hubs:

Listening and Engagement Listening and Engagement Engagement Inform The Listening Hubs

Engagement Opportunity Framework:

Engagement Opportunity Framework

Engagement Workflow:

Engagement Workflow Read New Post Is post about Cisco SB? Does post have red flags? Crisis Is post only selling? Is there an opportunity to engage? I s post a new trend? Prioritize Delete Post Is there a POC to share with ? No engagement, Post remains in data set E-mail Contact Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No No No Is this an Industry related post? No Yes

Listening and Engagement Team:

Listening and Engagement Team Management/Executives: Buy-in and direction Marketing Hub Engagement strategy and prioritization Facilitator & reporting role for social mentions Engage when SME not necessary Engagement training and evangelizing Product Hub Support Hub Subject Matter Experts (SMEs ) Engage in product-related mentions Solicited for technical insight when necessary Engage in support-related mentions Manages support community site and engagement

Meet Marie:

Meet Marie A day in the life of the Cisco Small Business listening team

Marie is always reading posts online…:

Marie is always reading posts online… Delivers Monthly Reports Flags Urgent Issues Answer Questions Identify key audiences Aware of Daily Pulse Train SMEs and Engagement Team Scan Social Mentions about Cisco Small Business Facilitate Actionable Issues Identify and thank advocates

Marie helps respond to any actionable posts…:

Marie helps respond to any actionable posts… Cisco you suck - I have to register & then click bloody download and accept about a thousand times just to get updated firmware. # wtf #fail @ CiscoSmallBiz Nice! I really like the “Download and Accept License” all in one click – good stuff @ henaredegan sorry to hear about the downloads issues. We created a page for easier firmware downloads, hope this helps! http://bit.ly/3Y1O8

Marie provides value when she sees an opportunity…:

Marie provides value when she sees an opportunity…

Marie watches product reviews on eCommerce sites…:

Marie watches product reviews on eCommerce sites…

Marie works with teams to find solutions and engage…:

Marie works with teams to find solutions and engage… Marie reads this post and identifies the person as a Cisco Partner She responds with an offer to help Marie finds out more and gets the Product team involved The Product team quickly ships a new product and investigates the issue The Partner responds: “Thank you for your attentiveness to the situation, it is much appreciated. The problem is now fixed!”

Track and Measure:

Social Mentions Audience Tagging LinkedIn P olls Support Community P articipation Track and Measure

Lessons Learned:

Lessons Learned Executive and subject matter expert buy-in is critical Successful engagement strategy = dedicated resources + process consensus Establish what you want to measure initially (e.g. share of voice, sentiment, industry trends, etc. ) H ave consistency in your reports, so that you are able to track evolutions and changes over time Share results with all stakeholders, there is often something useful for all business functions

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