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HYPOTHESIS-MEANING A hypothesis is a tentative assumption relating to certain phenomenon, which the researcher wants to verify when required. it is an unproven statement or proposition about a factor or phenomenon that is of interest to the researcher. An important role of a hypothesis is to suggest variables to be included in the research design.

Null Hypothesis ,(H0 ):

Null Hypothesis ,( H 0 ) This hypothesis states that there is no difference between the parameter and the statistic that is being computed. Eg If we are to compare method A with method B about its superiority and if we proceed on the assumption that both methods are equally good,then this assumption is termed as the null hypothesis.


ALTERNATIVE HYPOTHESIS (H 1) Is the opposite of null hypothesis. Eg - we may think that the method A is superior or the method B is inferior, we are then starting what is termed as alternative hypothesis.


EXAMPLE 12 students were given intensive

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Null Hypothesis (H 0 ) is true He is not guilty Alternative Hypothesis (H 1 ) is true He is guilty Accept Null Hypothesis Right decision Wrong decision Type II Error Reject Null Hypothesis Wrong decision Type I Error Right decision

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