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Electromagnetism Mohamed Sulaiman Almawali

What is electromagnetism?:

What is electromagnetism?


electromagnetism relationship between electricity & magnetism electric current produces magnetic field

PowerPoint Presentation:

Magnetic Field Map Iron filings show the magnetic field lines around a wire with a current. What is the shape of the field lines?


solenoid coil of wire w/ current strength of magnetic field increases as # of loops (coils) increase

PowerPoint Presentation:

The magnetic field around a solenoid resembles that of a bar magnet.


electromagnet solenoid w/ ferromagnetic core strong magnet that can be turned on & off

ways to increase strength of electromagnets :

ways to increase strength of electromagnets 1. Increase current 2. Add more loops of wire 3. Wind coils closer together 4. Use stronger ferromagnetic material for core

electromagnets at work:

electromagnets at work doorbell junkyard crane

PowerPoint Presentation:

Roller coasters uses electromagnets to launch and stop the roller coaster.

Make an electromagnet:

Make an electromagnet How many paper clips will your electromagnet hold? Can you hang paper clips on both ends of the nail? How can you make your electromagnet stronger? After using the electromagnet, remove the iron nail. Can the nail still pick things up? If so, why?

Additional experiments to try::

Additional experiments to try: Change the shape of the armature (coil of wire) Hold the magnet above the coil.

Electromagnet experiment:

# of coils # of paper clips picked up Coils close together or far apart Amount of current Electromagnet experiment

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