Hollywood of the East

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Hollywood of the East 1926:

Hollywood of the East 1926

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New Port Richey has ties to and a legacy from the silent film era. Silent film actor Thomas Meighan became interested in our prospective “Hollywood of the East” as a possible site for a movie studio.

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Property was sold to Mr. Meighan, Gene Sarazen , Paul Whiting, Ed Wynn, and others. Among other notables, Jesse Lasky , Babe Ruth, Irving Berlin, and Gloria Swanson came to visit and invest in the community.

Thomas meighan:

Thomas meighan

Gloria swanson:

Gloria swanson

Gene sarazen:

Gene sarazen

Jesse lasky:

Jesse lasky

Flora zabelle Donald Brian:

Flora zabelle Donald Brian

Blanche ring:

Blanche ring Rex beach

Ernest truex john conrad:

Ernest truex john conrad

Leon errol:

Leon errol

George ade louise greenwood:

George ade louise greenwood

Edna Hopper:

Edna Hopper

Ring lardner Joseph santley:

Ring lardner Joseph santley

Grantland rice :

Grantland rice

Paul whiteman:

Paul whiteman

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Although the Great Depression ended these plans, several palatial homes, the 1927 Hacienda Hotel, and the 1926 Meighan Theatre (now known as the Richey Suncoast Theatre) bear silent witness to these glamorous years.

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“Happy Feet” Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra 1930

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