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International Market Research & Information System:

Presented By: Varun Ashwin Khare Bata Krishna Sahoo International Market Research & Information System


Introduction International marketing research plays an important role in the identification and development of a company's strategies for internationalization. When marketing domestically the system is fairly easy to learn.

Elements of the information system:

Elements of the information system Data may be specific or general or both and used for decisions on whether to enter markets or not. In what degree and what emphasis in terms of the marketing mix.

General information includes data on the following::

General information includes data on the following: Economic - rate of growth of GNP, level of inflation, incomes Social - people, demographics, culture, subculture Political - risk, instability, attitudes to "foreigners“ Technology - current, rate of change, infrastructure


Cont…. Resources - money, manpower, materials, acquisitions, joint ventures Fiscal - taxes, exchange rates Institutions - money markets Managerial - funds

Categories for a global intelligence system:

Categories for a global intelligence system



Environmental factors/ Economic factors :

Environmental factors/ Economic factors



Financial Factors/Exchange/Balance of payments :

Financial Factors/Exchange/Balance of payments Terms of access - quotas, tariffs, duties etc Inflation rates Monetary and fiscal policy Commodity exchanges Currency alterations and movements, controls and regulations Expectations - economists, bankers, business people


Cont…. International competitors Taxes - inflation, incentives, dividends tax rules, earnings, repatriation of profits Spot, forward market Intervention by outside bodies e.g. IMF or World Bank and their effect on policy

Scanning modes: surveillance and search :

Scanning modes: surveillance and search

Categories of Research Methods:

Categories of Research Methods Secondary Research Primary research

Secondary Research :

Secondary Research Governments Census Data Central Statistical Office Documentation centres Boards of trade, or Ministry of Commerce International bodies The UN Statistical Yearbook World Bank - general statistics OECD - general statistics ITC - Geneva (information service)


Cont…. Business, trade, professional Chambers of Commerce Institutes of Marketing Management Associations The Market Research Societies Foreign embassies, trade missions Commercial newspapers Financial agencies – like Price Waterhouse Kompass Register of companies Economist Intelligence Units


Cont…. Others Libraries, universities, colleges, Internet sources. Secondary data from such sources are relatively cheap to obtain and readily available.

Disadvantages :




Human sources:

Human sources It is the specific "look see" missions which are very important and sales people. customers, suppliers, distributors, and government officials. This information is "internal" to the firm as opposed to documentary sources which are generally external. Most of the information is gathered on a face to face basis.

Primary Research:

Primary Research Surveys Experiments Focus Groups Personal Interviews Projective Techniques Observation Techniques

International Marketing Research in the 21st Century:

International Marketing Research in the 21st Century Evolution of international marketing research The heterogeneity of research contexts The global market place in transition Implications for international marketing research in the 21st century Aligning research effort and capabilities with market growth potential Developing and using new tools

Developing and using new tools:

Developing and using new tools Qualitative research techniques Videotaping of consumers Projective and elicitation Techniques Focus groups


Cont…. CATI & CAPI Multimedia CAPI Internet

International Secondary Marketing Research:

International Secondary Marketing Research General Market Variables Market Potential for Specific Products Demand & Supply Patterns Evaluation of potential foreign business partners

Marketing Information System:

Marketing Information System Computerization of MIS System analysis System design System implementation Database & Formats Subsystems of MIS Database Marketing Adding Value to Data

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