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Habib Bank Limited CASHIER SYSTEM :

Habib Bank Limited CASHIER SYSTEM Cashier Tellers & Manager Tellers Training 11 th to 12 th Jan,2012

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INTRODUCTION TRAINING PRE-REQUISITIES Staff nominated for the training must have: Fully conversant with the related assignment PC literate TARGET AUDIENCE Cashier tellers & Manager Tellers COURSE OBJECTIVE Correct utilization of the system to increase efficiency Highlight common mistakes made by users so that these are not repeated Rationalization of Manual Work & elimination of Registers to a great extent Understanding of system Reports Enquiry Option Usage

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JOB DESCRIPTION Position Title: Cashier Tellers / Manager tellers Location: Front office Reports to (Title): Manager Tellers / Manager Operations Position Summary Cash Payments (LCY/ FCY) Cash Deposits (LCY/ FCY) Receive Cheque Deposits (Outward Clearing) Sale/Purchase of Prize Bonds. Receive cash for Payment Order/Demand Draft/ Local Funds Transfer transactions against cash Process Transfer Cheques Receive Outward Bills for Collection cheques ATM cash feeding ATM cash balancing Receive Challans Process miscellaneous vouchers (income, expense, commission etc)

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Major Duties / Responsibilities Transaction Processing Process all customer transactions of FCY, LCY. LCY & FCY Cash Deposits and withdrawals Signature Verification Over the counter remittances (banker’s cheques etc.) Issuance of Prize bonds Processing all Cheque deposits (all outward clearing instruments). Issuance of Travellers Cheques Encashment of Travellers Cheques Treasury reporting for FCY transactions Exchange Cash between Tellers Exchange Cash between Teller and Manager Tellers & Services Exchange Cash for Customers Cash handling for share subscription transactions

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Major Duties / Responsibilities Customer Service Provide friendly responsive customer service by using excellent customer service skills. Ensure accuracy and timeliness in all transactions Cash Management Balancing cash at end of day Cash Holdings - Local Currency Exchange Cash Between Tellers Exchange Cash Between Manager Tellers and Services and the Teller Cash Holdings - Foreign Currency ATM Cash Control & replenishment Prize Bonds Risk Management To ensure compliance with the Bank policy and procedure and local statutory requirements e.g. money laundering guidelines to prevent possible losses, frauds and forgeries

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Major Duties / Responsibilities Discretion / Authority & decision expected Disburse cash over the counter as per the authority/limit given. To keep cash holding to a minimum To refuse payment if instrument is not proper (in consultation with Manager Tellers & Services

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The Daily Business Cycle Overnight, the local database is updated from the host system. Teller cannot sign in until supervisor open Branch in Online Or Offline mode. At the start of the business day the supervisor runs the Open Branch transaction at the branch to open the Cashier System Online/ Offline . Tellers may then sign on and serve customers. signing off temporarily and then signing back on again at break times. If the host system becomes unavailable during the day, the Cashier System notifies users and use local customer database This enables the branch to continue to provide customers with most of the normal services even when off-line At end-of-day, cashiers balance their cash drawers and then sign off permanently.

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REPORTS JRC-----CASHIER (Teller/supervisor) Check the JRC report with the posted deposit slips. The JRC can be printed at any time during the day to verify the transactions input in the system upto that instance. A complete JRC report can be printed at the end of day to verify all transactions. Sign the report as proof of verification.

Security Features :

Security Features Authorisation levels Cashier System has an authorization level assigned by Security officer of the bank Overrides Over ride by Tellers, JSP & SSP Warning Messages Messages in Red back ground Colour Messages in Blue back ground Colour Messages in Green back ground Colour Limits on transaction amounts Account Credit/Debit amounts Account transfer amounts Inter-branch amounts - separate limits set for debits and credits

The Daily Business Cycle:

The Daily Business Cycle Amount Abbreviations The standard abbreviations for amounts used by the Cashier System are: H Hundreds T Thousands M Millions


EXAMPLE Input Represents Amt in figures 4H Four hundred 400.00 4.5H Four hundred and fifty 450.00 1.5T One thousand five hundred 1,500.00

Types of Transaction Supported by Cashier System :

Types of Transaction Supported by Cashier System Cash and cheque deposits and withdrawals Foreign exchange transactions Cheque book transactions Cross-currency Funds Transfer transactions Banker’s cheque issuance and encashment Clean payments Enquiries Balancing menu Signoff menu SM Menu

Supervisor Menu:

Supervisor Menu

Types of Financial Transaction :

Types of Financial Transaction 11 Cash Deposit 12 Cash Cheque Withdrawal 13 Cheque Deposit outward Clearing 14 Cash Withdrawal - Internal account 19 Cheque Deposit Item Entry 21 FCY Sale / Purchase 52 FX- Withdrawal Different Currencies 54 Funds Transfer 55 FX Account Transfer Different currencies

Enquiries options:

Enquiries options 18 Host Enquiries Make an enquiry on a customer accounts. 28 Exchange Rates Enquiry Enquiry on foreign exchange rates. 34 Cheque Book Request Request a cheque book. 35 Cheque Book Enquiry* Enquire about chequebooks issued on an account. 44 Deal Enquiry* Enquire on outstanding deals for a customer. 928 Cheque Deposit Enquiry* Enquire on the validation of a batch of cheque items 921 Journal Search Reverse any previously entered customer transaction.

Signoff Menu:

Signoff Menu 911 Temporary Sign-off 912 Permanent Sign-off 951 Display Teller Totals 952 Display Branch Total Balancing Menu 81 Balance Cash Verify cash drawer totals for a currency. 82 Transfer Cash In Entry of a cash drawer increase. 83 Transfer Cash Out Entry of a cash drawer decrease. 84 Teller Totals Report Transactions entered by tellers. 89 List Unbalanced CCY List unbalanced currencies for this teller.

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Cashier system transaction Menu :

Cashier system transaction Menu FAST PATH TRANSACTION MENU

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TRANSACTIONS 11 CASH DEPOSIT 11-01 Cash Deposit –L/Cy Same Branch 11-02 Online Inter Branch Cash Deposit [charges] 11-04 Cash Deposit NBP (Sold) [internal a/c number of NPB on hand]

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CASH CHEQUE WITHDRAWAL 12 12-01 Cash Cheque Withdrawal - Same Branch 12-05 Online Cash Withdrawal - Within City 12-06 Online Cash Withdrawal - Inter City

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CASH WITHDRAWAL INTERNAL ACCOUNT 14 14-00 Cash withdrawal internal A/C 14-02 NPB purchased

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Teller Total/Balancing the Cash Teller can check his Payments/Receipts with option 951 The Balance Cash transaction is used to reconcile the cash totals for a currency and to post the amounts to Equation database with option 81

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Reversing a Transaction The Cashier System permits you to reverse any customer transaction that you entered during the current business day. This is done using the Journal Search option 921

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CASH ON HAND CASH ON HAND EQUATION BRANCHES Branch Code GL No Currency Code 0786 9901001 9901004 9901904 9901903 586 PKR 840 USD 978 EUR 826 GBP CASH ON HAND CASHIER BRANCHES Branch Code GL No Currency Code 0786 9920001 586 PKR 840 USD 978 EUR 826 GBP

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COINS / ATM COINS BRANCHES Branch Code GL No Currency Code 0786 9901008 586 PKR CASH IN ATM EQUATION/ CASHIER BRANCHES Branch Code GL No Currency Code 0786 9901002 586 PKR

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NATIONAL PRIZE BONDS NATIONAL PRIZE BOND GL’S Branch Code GL No VALUE IN RS . 0786 924690 924685 924689 924688 924686 924687 200 750 1500 7500 15000 40000

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Transactions Entered at Branch :

Transactions Entered at Branch

‘Warnings’ displayed on bottom of the cashier screens :

‘Warnings’ displayed on bottom of the cashier screens Stopped Cheque Cheque serial number already presented. Cheque serial number never issued for this account Cheque serial number must be entered Cheque has previously been returned No available balance and stopped Cheque. This Cheque item has a stop order against it This Cheque item has already been referred Account does not exist on the database. Account is blocked Customers branch is off-line Account closed Account is inactive No available bal - Real-time bal order shortfall Debit balance not allowed - this Cheque will be returned. Account is inactive. Cashier system branch for the customer is off-line Transfer is between different customers. Limit violations have been overridden by user Limit violations have occurred Transaction amount exceeds local debit limit set for user

Critical Control Point & Key Risk Indicator:

Critical Control Point & Key Risk Indicator Cashier server at branch should be running 24/7 After cash balancing never forget to sent cash to supervisor Mandatory for cash tellers to signoff permanently Input cash deposit receipt number in reference column for future query Outward clearing cheque deposit should be process through cashier system Check cashier S/A 9870001 CCY if branch opened in off line mode during counter hours Do not sent request to supervisor for Balancing options (81,82,83)

Critical Control Point & Key Risk Indicator:

Critical Control Point & Key Risk Indicator Supervisor use 9814 option to confirm all cashiers are permanently signed off and balanced Supervisor will use 35C to check @AAA batch and confirm cash balancing using AB option. JRC should be run and printed by supervisor from cashier system using 921 option Offline transactions should be checked from forward file report using SM31.option Business date maintenance should be use in case of opening branch in off-line mode in the morning Do not override the cheque entry if warning appeared for incorrect cheque series Cross branch credit /debit transactions should be given high priority vision by supervisors Exercise extra care to supervise transactions in case of Cashier reversals for local branch and especially for cross branch Transactions. Do not use SM14 option to forced closing of cashier branch. There is no need to supervise Balancing options (81,82,83) except vault transactions

EQU-Extended Cheque Processing O/W CLG:

EQU-Extended Cheque Processing O/W CLG Add Cheque Deposit ………………………………………………AID Maintain Cheque Deposit / Customer Credit…………MDC Delete Cheque Deposit…………………………………………..DCD Add/Maintain Cheque Deposit – Items………………….ACI Add Returned Cheque……………………………………………ARC Release Local Funds……………………………………………….RLF Add Out port Cheque Clearing Date…………………….OCD

Extended Cheque Processing:

Extended Cheque Processing Cheque Deposit Summary Enquiry……………………DSE Cheque Deposit Detail Enquiry………………………….DDE Account Cheque Clearing Enquiry……………………..CCE Cheque Deposit Report……………………………………….ACC Cheque Deposit Report……………………………………….DSY


ECP (INWARD CLEARING) Add Grouped Inward Clearing Cheques………AGW Authorize/Return Referred Cheques……………ARS Add/Delete Incorrect Inward Cheque………..AIC

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