Enjoy Canon FS300 FS200 FS100 camcorder MOD file on mac


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Canon MOD video Converter for Mac allows you to efficiently convert or edit Canon FS300/FS200/FS100 MOD to MOV, MPEG4, FLV for Mac OS X.


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Enjoy Canon FS300/FS200/FS100 camcorder MOD file on mac:

Enjoy Canon FS300/FS200/FS100 camcorder MOD file on mac Magic

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Canon's FS200 is a flash memory-based standard definition camcorder with a 37x optical zoom lens and a 2.7-inch LCD. The Canon FS200 is a minor upgrade to FS100. Yet the extreme portability, colorful options, and mic and headphone jacks will likely win it some fans. The FS200 records to memory card only, while the step-up FS21 and FS22 offer the card slot plus internal memory (16GB and 32GB, respectively). The FS200 doesn't have too many frills, but it's a solid camcorder. The manual controls are good, though the interface is a little more convoluted than necessary.

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This is the best standard-definition camcorder on test, but it's also the most expensive. If you're opting for standard rather than high definition because it's easier to edit on a slower PC, the Legria FS200 is an excellent choice. If you're not holding it in front of your face, it's hard to know the FS200 is even around. It weighs just a tad over 10 ounces when packed with battery and SDHC card. It was no heavier than a standard point-and-shoot digital camera and only slightly larger.

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The FS200 owes its slender design and portability to its use of flash memory as its recording format - not bulkier hard drives or DVDs. While many flash memory camcorders offer built-in memory, the FS200 does not, so you won't be recording videos straight out of the box. Instead, you'll need to buy an SD/SDHC memory card to store your footage. With a 32GB SDHC card, the largest available, the FS200 will record up to seven hours and 20 minutes of video in the highest quality setting.

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For a standard definition camcorder in its price range, the FS200 offers excellent video quality. Video is recorded in the MPEG-2 format at 720 x 480 resolutions with three settings: a high quality mode with a bit rate of 9Mbps, medium quality at 6Mbps and a low quality 3Mbps. Compared with high definition camcorders, it is much less expensive. When it comes to SD camcorder list, it ranks top. Canon FS Series camcorder like Canon FS100, Canon FS200, Canon FS300 shoot video with MOD format and MPEG-2 compression. MOD video can be playable on the player with capability of reproducing MPEG-2 video. To play MOD on mac you can convert canon fs200 mod to mac with a MOD Converter for mac .

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Outdoors in full sun, the FS200 captured colors accurately and video sharply. Indoors, in lower light, it held up well too. Given that it's a lower cost model, you can expect to see some graininess as you dim the lights, and the included video light isn't much of a help, but overall low light performance was more than satisfactory. FS200 Pros: Good video quality for the price; an ultra-portable package; long zoom; easy-to-use. FS200 Cons: Poor still photo quality, no optical image stabilization. Tips: After import Canon FS MOD Files to Mac you also can edit them on mac iMovie, FCP, etc.

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