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What Is the Internet?:

What Is the Internet? A network of networks, joining many government, university and private computers together and providing an infrastructure for the use of E-mail, bulletin boards, file archives, hypertext documents, databases and other computational resources The vast collection of computer networks which form and act as a single huge network for transport of data and messages across distances which can be anywhere from the same office to anywhere in the world.

What is the Internet?:

The largest network of networks in the world. Uses TCP/IP protocols and packet switching . Runs on any communications substrate. What is the Internet?

World Wide Web (WWW) An Introduction :

World Wide Web (WWW) An Introduction a vast collection of information that’s connected like a web accessible through the Internet using connections called hyperlinks view the WWW resources through a program called a Web Browser , such as: Netscape Navigator Internet Explorer

URL or Email Address?:

URL or Email Address? URL - Uniform Resource Locator or Web Address Example: http://www.weather.com Used by Browsers to locate sites Often confused with Email addresses johndoe@netscape.net

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6 Location Box Enter URL’s here (or Web Address ) http://netscape.com Entering a URL http://netscape.com

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Sample URL’s (or Internet Addresses) Internet Address or URL Global Domains http://www.angelfire.com commercial site http://www.msstate.edu educational inst. http://www.intop.net network organiz . http://www.navy.mil military http://www.____.org not for profit org. http://www.____.gov gov . agency,dept .

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Web Pages Web Pages - documents on the WWW Written and constructed using HTML HTML - H yper T ext M arkup L anguage a special language or code used to design and publish documents on the Web < html> <head> <title>MBJ ONLINE</title> <base href="http://www.msbusiness.com/"> </head>

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The Internet An information system Communication tool A large network of computer systems world wide can be explored by using a Web Browser Services available through the Internet: Email (Discussion groups, Chat Rooms, etc.) Information search (including research) Education (Online courses; virtual colleges) Entertainment, News, and more…...

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Internet Fundamentals Using a Web Browser Starting and stopping the Browser The Web Browser’s window Getting around a “page” and the WWW Saving, printing, and mailing items from the WWW Bookmarks - Keeping track of favorite sites Setting preferences and options

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Finding Information on the Web using Directories Search Engines

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Internet Fundamentals Search Engines What is a Search Engine ? program that connects you to a data base or Web address used to perform a thorough search

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