Acids and Bases Project

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Acids and Bases Project:

By: Andrew Cross Pd:2a Acids and Bases Project

Introduction :

Introduction Welcome, this is a PowerPoint about acids and bases. In this you will learn about of course acids and bases, pH, Strong and weak acids, Concentrated and dilute acids, Acid rain, Buffers, and Neutralization reaction. This PowerPoint is however going to use almost only illustrations for any who wants to understand the concept but can’t read english . You’ll be provided with the properties, examples, and possibly chemical formulas and equations.

Acids: properties:

Acids: properties pH <7

Acid Examples:

Acid Examples

Base: properties:

Base: properties Bitter. Slippery and/or soapy pH>7

Base Examples:

Base Examples Egg whites. Ammonia.


pH Neutral Acid Base Equations pH = – log[H + ] pH + pOH = 14 pOH = -log[OH - ] Kw = [H+][OH - } = 10 -14 :

pH examples:

pH examples pH=5 (acid) pH=8.2 (base) H 2 O pH=7 (neutral)

Strong vs. Weak Acids.:

Strong vs. Weak Acids. Dissociation , Conductivity :Good Conductivity: Bad


Examples Weak Strong

Concentrated vs. Dilute Acids:

Concentrated vs. Dilute Acids M( molarity ) >1.0 mol/L M( molarity )< 1.0 mol/L Acetic Acid Example: 18M Example: Concentrated Dilute

Acid Rain:

Acid Rain Contains:


Buffers maintains pH level. Example: Buffers in blood. Prevents damage.

Neutralization reaction:

Neutralization reaction Acid + Base = Example: HCl + NaOH --> NaCl + H 2 O


Summary In conclusion, acids and bases are both similar and different in a lot of ways. Also how they apply in the real world. Example, Acid rain is a result of the water cycle and man made pollution. Factories that burn coal and other fuel and cars that you see on the street everyday contribute to the pollution in the air. I tried my best to explain the each concept using only pictures, there is only so much I can do. So anyway this is my acids and base project.

Used Pics:

Used Pics

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