Human Resource Audit

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Human Resource Audit :

Human Resource Audit By: sheetal 1

Human Resource Audit?:

Human Resource Audit? A human resource audit evaluates the personnel activities used in an organization. The audit may include one division or entire company. It gives feedback about : The function of operating managers. The human resource specialists. How well managers are meeting their human resource duties. In short, the audit is an overall quality control check on human resource activities in a division or company and how those activities support the organization’s strategy 2

Process of HR audit:

Process of HR audit Determine the scope of audit Develop the audit questionnaires Collect the data Analyze the result Provide feedback about the results Create action plans Continuous improvement

Benefits of A Human Resource Audit:

Benefits of A Human Resource Audit Identifies the contribution of the personnel departments to the organization Improves professional image of the personnel department Encourages greater responsibility and professionalism among members of the personnel department Clarifies the personnel department’s duties and responsibilities Finds critical personnel problems 4

Tasks of Auditors:

Tasks of Auditors Identify who is responsible for each activity. Determine the objectives sought by each activity. Review the policies and procedures used to achieve these activities. Prepare a report commending proper objectives, policies, and procedures. Develop an action plan to correct errors in each activity. Follow up the action plan to see if it solved the problems found through the audit. 5

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