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Concepts and Steps of the Research Process:

Concepts and Steps of the Research Process Prof. Kalyani Mohanraj

Key Terms:

Key Terms Person Undertaking the study Researcher Investigator Scientist 2 . Person giving information Subject Study Participant Respondent


Contd … Concepts Particular human behaviour and characteristics under study Constructs Concepts deliberately invented or constructed Systems of organizing concepts Theory/Theoretical framework Conceptual framework/model

Variables :

Variables Variables Concepts under study Weight Anxiety Independent The presumed cause (cigarette smoking) Dependant The presumed effect (lung cancer)

Hypothesis :

Hypothesis Definition A predicted relation ship between two or more variables. Types of Hypotheses Simple – one independent and one dependant variable. Complex – two or more dependant variables and two or more independent variables. Directional vs. non directional Researcher vs. null

Steps in a Quantitative Study:

Steps in a Quantitative Study

The Conceptual Phase:

The Conceptual Phase Formulating and delimiting the problem Reviewing the related literature Undertaking clinical field work Developing conceptual definitions Formulating the hypotheses

Design and Planning:

Design and Planning Selecting a research design *Developing intervention protocol Identifying the population Designing the sampling plan Specifying methods and measurements Developing methods to safeguard subject Finalizing the research plan proposal presentation and pilot study

Phases III, IV & V:

Phases III, IV & V Empirical phase Collecting & preparing data Analytic phase Analyzing data & interpret results Dissemination phase Communicating findings Utilizing in practice

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